It's that time again... another quest has arrived! This quest will be run by Rancid_Pickle. Submit any questions to me, don't bug other folks unless you like getting poked with horrible veggies.


We need a good listing of some place local to where you live now. Suggestions include parks, restaurants, coffeehouses, museums, etc, that you would go to. Don't write a Quest node on the a place that already exists in the database (read: must be a new node, or fill an empty nodeshell). The title of your node should just be the name of the place. Some things that should be included are:

  • Touristy attraction name (duh!)
  • General info on the location. The exact address is required, but try to put the location in context (Joe's Roadkill Cafe is next door to the pet cemetary).
  • Why you like this place, including the last time you went there. Give copious examples of just why this place rocks. Tell us why we should jump on a plane right now and visit.
  • Suggested menu items, exhibits, music, times to go, etc, are a must.
  • Similar places, if any.
  • You must include factual information PLUS why you personally like the place.
  • There is a minimum of 2500 characters per writeup.
  • Writeups must be created between the time stamp on this node and 23:59 on 31 December 2001, E2 Server Time. Yes, this is a short quest!
When your writeup is complete, just drop me a /msg and softlink it to this node. Every decent writeup will get one "blessing" by yours truly (which equates to ten XP), plus the possibility of getting upvoted AND chinged if it's worthy. There is a limit of ten blessings per noder, but you're more than welcome to add more than 10 writeups. No multiple-blessings on one writeup this time, folks. Note that your writeup should NOT reference this quest - node for the ages!

Now comes the nasty part. If you cut and paste, I will CURSE you, which is a -10xp hit. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE. Make your writeup original work. Only nodes created within the Quest time window will be eligible for goodies.

Get to it!

Please save your votes for the upcoming submissions. Thanks, now quit dawdlin' and git to writin'! Thanks to legbagede for the idea for this quest - he wins 100 xp as a bonus.

And they're off!

NOTE: I'm adding these in no particular order. If I missed yours, drop me a /msg and I'll check. I have around 15-20 queued up in my message inbox at any one time, so it may be I just haven't reached yours yet.

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