Fudpuckers is a multi-story bar/restaurant located on the Emerald Coast Parkway in Destin, Florida. Founded by the self-proclaimed "Father Fud" in the early 1980s, Fudpuckers has became a piller in the local party community. While it might take over an hour on a busy night to get a table, the atmosphere and experience is one of a kind. The food is of an above average quality, the beer supposedly is quite tolerable, but the big draw to Fudpuckers is the environment. Everything from tables to the floor to some of the broken down cars outside are covered in graffiti. In fact, you're damn near required to leave your mark in some way (be it writing, carving, or what have you). At night bands are known to play in the upper level of the bar (while the music creeps down to the lower floors) and people have been known to dance on occasion. It's a family friendly environment, with a kids playhouse-type area on one of the upper levels. From the road, Fudpuckers looks like a multi-story wood clubhouse, and upon closer inspection one realizes that's as close to a definition as you can get. And as in any good local they have plenty of merchandise available for your consumption. Shirts, Hats, Fish Bone Beer (don't ask), and tons more await your dollars.

Personally, I like going because of the atmosphere and the better-than-window-quality food. Plus it's only like a 30 minute drive from Panama City Beach, so it's always good to get out of Ground Zero Party Zone. ;) I recommend going around 4-5 o'clockish, that way you don't have to wait for a table.

You can find information on Fudpuckers (well, mostly merchandise) at fudpuckers.com, and their telephone number for reservations is (850) 654-4200.

There's also a place called Fudruckers in Houston, Texas which has no relation to Fudpuckers. It's a "blatant rip off" according to one source.

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