Tired of mainstream movies and in Columbus, Ohio? Then head over to one of the Drexel Movie Theatres.

Drexel East

The original Drexel. Bought by Jeff and Kathy Frank in 1981, who turned it from a second-run theater into an art house. The theater get its name from the intersection on which it sits: Drexel and Main in the upscale Columbus suburb, Bexley. Today there are three screens - one large and two small. Adjoining the theater is the Drexel Radio Cafe, where one can purchase coffee drinks, sweets, and beer for consumption in the cafe or theater.

2256 East Main Street, Columbus, OH 43209
For showtimes call 614-231-9512

Drexel Grandview

The owners of the original Drexel rescued this theater in the now-trendy Grandview Heights part of Columbus. Having only one screen, this theater feels just like it must have in the heyday of the silver screen. One walks through a long foyer to buy a ticket which is immediately torn in half. Beyond the modest concession stand is the roomy theater, filling the small building. The Drexel Grandview usually shows art films and foreign films, but not one which is being shown at the Drexel East. With the popular Stauf's cafe as well as several excellent restaurants nearby, the Grandview Drexel is perfectly located for a dinner-and-movie date, with the possibility of a stroll thrown into the mix.

1247 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
For showtimes call 614-486-6114

Arena Grand The huge Arena Grand Theatre just opened next door to Nationwide Arena, the home of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and offers a first class movie-going experience. Here you can have a drink at the bar or a meal at the cafe before the movie, but be sure to call ahead for reserved seating. The Arena Grand has 8 screens and shows a mixture of mainstream Hollywood films, art films, and foreign films. Geared towards adult and family patrons, the theater doesn't offer any teen movies. The theater is a sort of reincarnation of the downtown movie house, the RKO Grande which existed until the latter decades of the 20th century.

175 West Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH
For showtimes call 614-469-5000.
Visit the website www.arenagrand.com for directions, as the Arena District is a little tricky to navigate.

More information

Showtimes and directions for all three theatres can be found at www.drexel.net.

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