Dano’s Pizza Restaurant and Bar
235 Robbins Lane
Syosset, NY 11791

Phone: 516-935-1043
Fax: (516) 935-1090
Website: http://www.11753.com/Restaurants.nsf/by+75+Name/Dano's+Pizza+Restaurant+&+Bar?OpenDocument
Directions: Take the Long Island Expressway to Jericho Turnpike heading East. Make a right onto Robbins Lane, and you’ll see Dano’s on the left just past an elementary school.
Price Range: Cheese pizza $8.30, one topping pizza $10.30. Entrees $5-$17.
Miscellaneous: Free delivery with orders of $10 or more. Free garlic knots with every pie. Visa & MasterCard accepted.

What can I say? Dano’s is pretty much my favorite pizza joint in the entire world. It’s also under ninety seconds by car from my house, which makes it incredibly convenient. It’s been open since before I was born, and since the age of four I’ve eaten there at least once every few weeks.

The place has no atmosphere. None. It’s a counter where you order and a bunch of old tables that look like they were ripped straight out of the 1970s—which they probably were, since I’ve never seen them changed in the last 20 years. There used to be a few arcade games lining the back wall (Galaga, 1941, Spy Hunter), but they got taken out a few years ago.

There’s a bar section in the next room, but I’ve never actually seen anyone go in there. Maybe I will, now that I’m 21, just to see what it’s like.

But you don’t go there for the décor—you go there for the pizza. The place has a huge menu—calzones, parmigiana, souvlaki, heros, veal, chicken, seafood, spaghetti, lasagna, salad—but no one ever gets any of that stuff. It might be terrific, but I’ve never once seen anyone order anything but a pizza.

And why would you? It’s pretty much the best pizza in the entire world. If you’re used to a Chicago style pizza—deep dish, loaded with chunks of tomato, so thick you have to cut it with a knife and forkthis ain’t that. This is New York pizza to the CORE. These pies only come in one size, and that size is MONSTROUS. It’s so big you have no choice but to pick it up and fold it, the way Papa Luigi back in the old country intended. The crust is nice and floppy, with just the right amount of hardness to hold it together. Oil. Lots of oil. A thin coating of pizza sauce, and then the cheese…ahhhh, the cheese. Toppings are fresh and plentiful, but I usually just stick with cheese or pepperoni so I can savor the taste of the actual pizza. The garlic knots that you get for free with every full pizza pie ordered are also quite good.

You can get the pizza by the slice, but for the full effect you have to order a full pie, straight out of the oven. They’ll deliver, but pick it up or eat it in the restaurant just so it’s extra fresh. The cheese will be so hot and so gooey that if you don’t hold the pie completely level, it’ll all start migrating to one side of the pan.





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