Sagamore Hill, built in 1884 in Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY, served as the home of Theodore Roosevelt and his family. From 1901 - 1909 while serving as vice president and president, the home was known as his "Summer White House".

After graduating from Harvard University, Roosevelt purchased the 155 acre plot of land in Cove Neck for $30,000. Of the 155 acres, he sold 95 to relatives. He then commissioned the design to the architectural firm of Lamb and Rich in New York City. Days before the final contracts were signed, both Roosevelt's mother and first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee, died. Roosevelt then hired the construction company of John A. Wood and Son of Lawrence, NY, to build his home for $16,975. The house is a 23 room Victorian style brick building, with three stories.

The name Sagamore Hill is for the chief Sagamore Mohammis, who Roosevelt purchased the land from. Originally, Roosevelt had planned to name the estate Leeholm after his first wife, but before officially naming the land, he met and wed Edith Kermit Carow.

Nowadays, you can visit Sagamore Hill the next time you're in New York, and it truly is a great place to visit. It's only 45 miles east of New York City, which makes for a fairly quick car or train trip. There's a lot of history, and besides the house, you can also tour the grounds, including the stables. It's great for a family day trip, and a slice of American history not to be missed. Peak visitation season is July through the end of September, along with national and federal holidays, so plan your trip accordingly. Your average visit to Sagamore Hill will be about 2 hours long. Tours of the house (freely walking through it has been prohibited since 1993) are offered every hour on the hour for groups of 14 people at the most. Admission is $2, but free for children 16 years and younger. Tickets for tours can be purchased in advance that same day, e.g. purchasing tickets for a 4 PM tour at 9 AM, but not for a tour a different day. Weather permitting, nature walks are provided. There is also free parking available.

In addition to the house and grounds there is The Old Orchard Museum, built in 1938. It houses information on the life and political career of Theodore Roosevelt and his descendents.

20 Sagamore Hill Road
Oyster Bay, NY 11771

Call ahead for information on hours, tours, and upcoming special events. The best route is off the Long Island Expressway exit 41N, or New York Route 106.

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