(Please note, this is the authors former place of employment.)

Rainbow Natural Foods is located on the corner of North Decatur and Clairmont (Decatur's most dangerous intersection according to most estimates, once again, bias, the author has been hit by a car there once, normal car accident twice.) on the corner with the Party City and Mexican Resturant in lovely Decatur Georgia, a city within the city of Atlanta.

The grocery contains, amongst what you would normally find in a grocery, A Deli and a Cafe. This vegetarian grocery contains an array of produce (none of that genetically engineered nonsense, if you care about that sort of thing), tofu based food products and meat substitutes, (Unless they have really, really stupid names, such as Tofurkey), and various collections of things you could not hope to find across the street at Publix, such as various pasta's, honey, and an assortment of metaphysical books.

The Cafe is one of the most ridiculiously cheap resturants in the city, and they don't skimp on the quality. They have a special of the day, and two soups of the day. (However, watch out in the Deli, the soup they sell there is the soup of the day before yesterday.) I cannot tell you the names of these fine soups and specials because of the special naming ritual done at rainbow behind the counter. (Behind the counter, instead of calling something the traditional name, it generally recieves a name such as Pasta Fag, Sloppy Bastard, or Potato Corpse, amongst others.)

Normal, Everyday items in the Cafe include 'Fancy Apple Sandwich', slices of apple between two pieces of bread smothered in honey, the everpopular Nachos and Cheese (Soy cheese or not? You be the judge.) And a very high quality salad bar.

The Deli also has very fine foods, (However, stay away from the aforementioned soups.) including what you might expect to find at a deli that does not include meat.

Indeed, Rainbow Natural Foods is one of the best little known resturants and groceries in Decatur (Or Atlanta, depending on how you argue what constitutes a part of Atlanta).

However no appraisal of Rainbow Resturant would be complete without a mention of the staff. Granted, working there will probably make the employee consider his co-workers to be slightly nuts, however as a customer one finds that the people who work at Rainbow Resturant are some of the nicest people in the world.

Although appearances sometimes seem to the contrary when looking at the experiences of others, (as when I said to co-worker, why are you digging those nacho's out of the trash, 'For a customer' he replied. They were for the customer, but more specifically, for his dogs.) it is hard to have a bad 'people experience' at Rainbow.

To reduce the resturant to a numeric value, I would give it a 9.4 out of 10.

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