This node is inspired by RimRod's Everything Resume Repository (go there first). This is a great initiative and I hope that many noders will benefit from this. However, I don't feel too comfortable having a direct connection between my professional life, and my contributions on E2. These writeups sometimes become too personal, and in between the lines there may be stuff that you don't want your employer to know.

On the other hand, networking with fellow noders with a similar professional background/education can be a good thing. I might just have the right industry contact to land you the perfect job; you might be working for a company that requires exactly my skills. Text books on job hunting list networking as an excellent method to obtain a job (a 33% success rate).

But how do you find these fellow noders that will boost your career? It's clearly impossible to browse through all the users' homenodes in the hope that they might have listed their professional skills. For instance, I wouldn't be able to name one fellow Chemical Engineer after nine months of noding. Therefore I am proposing to maintain a list of noders with a summary of their professional background and skills.

How do you get on this list? Simply /msg pp with a one-line description of your qualifications and/or skills, and a location (if desired). I will update the list as soon as I can. Don't add your own writeups to this node, or bones will be very disappointed in you...

Also note that people may have different reasons for having their name included in this list (e.g. client contacts, employment, professional advice, or personally). Inclusion in this list does not necessarily mean that these persons are looking for a job, or trying to fill an opening.

The list is alphabetical by handle. I'll categorize it when the list gets larger. Allowed abbreviations: (S) Searching for employment opportunities, (N) Not searching for employment opportunities.

  • 7Ghent - PC hardware: 2 years in tech support, 7 years building systems, web design, exp. with MS, Linux, BeOS
  • bigmouth_strikes (N) - Eng. Physics (M.Sc) ; Enterprise application systems architecture & design, EAI; Software development practices, OO modelling, UML
  • cordelia - network engineering, security, distributed systems, systems analysis, game theory
  • czeano - Film/Video Production. Camera, sound, lighting, and editing skills
  • erias - BFA in Theatre Design/Technology, 4yrs Field Service Tech, exp. with ion and solid state lasers, fibre optic networks, 70mm projection, SFX and atmospherics, stage lighting and sound, carpentry and sculpture.
  • fuzzy and blue (S) - writer/editor, BS in math/linguistics, know HTML, Python, LaTeX, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Dutch, and am conversational in French.
  • GangstaFeelsGood (N) - BA in Government (international relations) with a second major in English (rhetoric). I have worked for two startups (one early stage, one late). I know html, js.
  • Grzcyrgba (S) - PhD Astrophysics; experience with: scientific computing; basic UNIX system admin.; technical writing, communication; image/data analysis. Fluent in FORTRAN, some experience with C/C++, Perl, Javascript, CGI. Basic knowledge of written Russian
  • Igloowhite (S) - Project Manager, 5 years project management experience, specializing in Web and Information system development and implementation. Technical writing, CPM management, Systems Analysis
  • JayBonci - I am pursuing a Bachelor's of C.S. Application developer - Windows programmer, Moderate Mac/Carbon experience; Web Programmer - ASP, Perl, Content delivery, e-commerce; Currently self-employed. Willing to relocate
  • joes3029 - 2kMCSE CCNA CIW MCDBA L+ A+ 2 years experience system administrator at technical college and ISP - South Africa or UK
  • Lactic.Acid - Computer Programming: Java; Systems Administration; C/++; More to come (in pursuit of B.S.Computer Science)
  • Lost and Found - I'm a sysadmin with linux skills, NT skills, and an mcse
  • nate (S) - Perl, MySQL, *IX, VB, C++, Java, Threaded systems -- looking in the SF Bay Area
  • novasoy - Computer Programming, Visual Basic, Java, SQL, Oracle, scripting
  • Professor Pi (S) - Chemical Engineering (Ph.D.), Catalyst synthesis/characterization, nanostructured materials, reaction engineering, kinetics, fluid dynamics
  • prole (S) - c/c++, java, coldfusion, html, sql, vb, graphics (flash).
  • RabidMonkey (S) - CCNA, working on CCNP, 3 years Cisco, IP routing, switching, Perl, Linux, Solaris, IRIX, SQL, OSPF, BGP, RIP
  • Roninspoon (N) - 4 years Netware 3,4,5 Admin and installation. 10 years desktop support Dos/Win/Mac. 4 years Infantry
  • sleeping wolf (N) - Computer Engineer, embedded systems, C, POSIX, digital design, digital video/audio (Not looking, but is at a company always looking for new talent)
  • Teiresias - Qualifications - Computer Science BSc.; Job - System Design Engineer; Exp. - Telecoms Transmission Technology, Fibre Optic Network Management
  • The Big See (S) - Journalist (features) and copywriter in NYC
  • The_Moo_Cow (S) - 4 years Domino Developer (PCLP), 6 years HTML, 2 years Javascript
  • (your name could be here)

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