Only write ups time-stamped before Sat Aug 3, 2002 at 00:00:28 will be considered. In total, 135 submissions were accepted, and appear below. The blessings have been distributed to all who contributed. Thank you to all who participated!

Submissions (complete list, in alphabetical order):

It's been almost three months since the last Everything Quest. So, with the blessing of the lovely Demeter, I am going to christen (pun intended) a quest for quality write-ups regarding famous ships and all things nautical.

There are a number of famous ships that haven't been noded, or exist simply as nodeshells. Thus, I'm looking for quality, detailed writeups on warships, merchantmen, yachts, steamboats, fishing vessels, submarines, legendary and mythical ships etc... of note, as well as nautical terms, technological developments, sea shanties, naval battles, shipwrecks, famous sailors and oceanographers, pirates (YAR!) get the idea.

The Quest begins immediately, and will end at 00:00 (server time) on Saturday, August 3. Once you have added a relevant node, /msg me (not Demeter) and I will add it to the completed list. If you opt to node one of the examples I cited below, let me know before you start so I can strike it off the list (preventing needless overlapping). Once the cutoff time has passed, I will pass the blessing amounts to Demeter, who will dole out the XP accordingly.

There are literally hundreds of other ships that warrant w.u's. As for other nautical terminology and/or people, I'll let you use your imagination. Again, check with me (caknuck) if you have any questions.

What am I looking for? Well, write-ups on specific ships should include a detailed history of the ship (including, but by no means limited to, year of commission, historical significance, interesting anecdotes etc.) and final fate and resting place (if applicable). Biographies should be well-researched, and contain information about the entire life of the person (not just their maritime career). Information about specific naval battles should include: key participants; date and place; ships sunk, captured and damaged; and the impact on the larger conflict.

NOTE: Please use "USS" (not "U.S.S."), "HMS" (not "H.M.S.") and "SS" (not "S.S.") for ship name prefixes.

What am I not looking for? Well, no spaceships. That means no Klingon birds of prey. No Imperial Star Destroyers. No Babylon those guys have. More importantly, no cut and paste write-ups will be tolerated -- offenders will be flogged, ridiculed and cursed. And proofread your w/u's; run them through a spellchecker. I'm not your mother, fuck.

As is the norm with Everything Quests, quality additions to the nodegel will be rewarded with upvotes, C!s and blessings (10 XP per w/u, plus bonuses of 5-20 XP for especially riveting w/u's). A maximum of five w/u's per person will be considered for this quest. (Of course, you can contribute more than five, but I can only guarantee that the best five will be blessed.)

Happy noding!

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