The ADMOT signal technique was developed by the US Navy to signal which technical specialty a pilot needed during pre-launch conditions. The pilot would hold up his hands in a "time-out" position, or in the shape of a "T".

The pilot would then then hold up some fingers to indicate the specialty:

  1. One finger means an AE, or electrical technician.
  2. Two fingers means an AD, or jet engine mechanic.
  3. Three fingers means an AM, or sheet metal/hydraulics technician.
  4. Four fingers means an AO, or armament technician.
  5. Five fingers means an AT, or avionics technician.

Since Arathil seemed quite confused, AE is the US Navy rating for Aviation Electrician's Mate, AD is Aviation Engineman (Jet Mechanic), AM is two jobs - Aviation Metalsmith - Hydraulics (AMH) or Aviation Metalsmith (AMS), AO is Aviation Ordinanceman, and AT is Aviation Electronics Technician. Hope that clears up his confusion!

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