The U-boat, U-68 was laid down on April 20, 1940 by AG Weser, Bremen and commissioned on Feburary 11, 1941 by Kptlt. Karl-Friedrich Merten. During her career she served 10 patrols and 5 commanders. 33 ships were sunk by her for a total of 197.953 tons.

On June 14, 1943, a British Mosquito attacked U-68 and badly wounded the commander along with killing 3 men. U-68 was sunk on April 10, 1944 northwest of Madeira, Portugal, 33.24N 18.59W, by depth charges and rockets. The US escort carrier USS Guadalcanal launched the planes, Avengers and Wildcats that killed 56 and left 1 lone survivor.

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