A depth charge is a bomb used to destroy submarines. Depth charges have been in service since World War I and have sunk many submarines.

A depth charge is shapped like a can, or small barrel It contains high explosive a fuse, and an adjustable pressure switch as a triggering mechanism. A wrench is used to adjust the charge to go off at the desired depth.

Depth charges can be delivered in many ways. First of all, they can be dropped from aircraft. Such weapons are generally preset for a very shallow depth because it was assumed that the submarine spotted by a plane could not have gone deep. In addition they can be rolled from a rack, not unlike those inside a drink dispenser. Or they can be lauched by a special type of mortar which has the advantaged of spreading the charges farther out.

During World War II the killing range of a depth charge was approximately 30 feet. Because of their shape, they sink slowly, allowing a maneuvering sub some possibilty of escape. In addition, the attacker must know-- or successfully guess-- the submarine's depth. Another disadvantage of the weapon is that when depth charges go off, the disturb the water sufficiently to ruin the sonar picture for some time. Nevertheless, they were the most popular anti-submarine weapons of the war, and remain in service of most navies today. Later in World War II, a contact based weapon called hedehog was developed, that complemented depth charges. Today, depth charges have been supplanted by the homing torpedo, such as the US Mk. 48, as the primary anti-submarine weapon of this day.

Depth Charge

1 oz. Spearmint or Peppermint Schnapps, 1/2 a Glass of Draught Beer Drop shot into Beer & Chug

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Also a rather risky drinking game using the ingredients listed above.

How to play:
The players sit opposite each other at a table. A pint or half (if you're wimps) is placed in the middle of the table, nearly full. An empty shot glass is floated in the beer (one with a heavy bottom works well, or else put a little schnapps in it to weight it down). The players then take turns adding schnapps to the glass until it sinks. The player who added the last schnapps and caused the shot to sink then has the honour of drinking the whole lot in one go.

Depth charges can be varied by simply changing the type of liquor being dropped into the beer. Guinness and vodka? Delicious!

Electronic music producer J Saul Kane is the man behind UK electronica outfit Depth Charge. With a sound characterised by heavy use of obscure cinematic samples, extreme effects and unconventional sequencing / arrangement, Depth Charge exists in a unique musical space. The Depth Charge sound contains stylistic elements of many genres including dub, hiphop, acid, breaks and a strong cinematic soundtrack feel but would not be accurately described as any one of these alone.
Depth Charge's limited edition 10 inch pressings are highly prized by collectors and DJs alike.
Depth Charge's discography is as follows:

Depth Charge Legend Of The Golden Snake (12"/CDS) DC01 1995
A1. Legend Of The Golden Snake
A2. Poison Clan '95
B1. Five Deadly Venoms
B2. Asp

Legend Of The Golden Snake (Limited edition 10" - Deleted) 10DC01 1995
1. Legend Of The Golden Snakes
2. Sex, Sluts And Heaven

Depth Charge Shaolin Buddha Finger (12") DC05 1995
1. Shaolin Buddha Finger
2. Vampyress

Depth Charge Queen Of The Scorpion (Limited Edition 10") 10DC06 1995
A. Queen Of The Scorpion Pt. I & II (vs The Snake Killers Daughter)
B1. Searching For Records With Bongo Beats
B2. Bonus Beats

Depth Charge Nine Deadly Venoms (2xLP, CD, Ltd 2xCD) STEAM 100 1994
1. Shaolin Buddha Finger
2. Dead By Dawn
3. Bounty Killers
4. Depth Charge
5. Bastard Swordsman
6. Bounty Killers II
7. Daughters Of Darkness
8. Goal
9. Hubba Hubba Hubba (What's In The Bag Man?)
CD2 (for the limited edition)
1. Hubba Hubba Hubba "Knife In The Bag"
2. Number 9
3. The Guide

Depth Charge Hubba Hubba Hubba (12") STORM 99 1994
A1. Hubba Hubba Hubba (What's In The Bag Man?)
A2. Hubba Hubba Hubba (Knife In The Bag) *
AA1. Number 9
AA2. The Guide

Depth Charge Disko Vixen EP (2x12") DC08 July 1997
A. Disko Vixen (tet remix)
B. The Princess And The Fly Girl (eml 101 version)
C. Disciple Of The Blade
D. Cool It Vixen! (version)

Depth Charge Disko Airlines (2x12") DC09 March 9, 1998
A. Disko Airlines
B. Disko Airlines (Drum Part 1 & 2)
C1. Disko
C2. Airlines (Tet Air Mix)
D. Psychophone Voices

Depth Charge 10" Disko Alien DC 11 22 December 1997
(Xelon Escapes)/100 Taels
NOTE: limited to 750 copies.

Depth Charge Romario (12"/CDS) DC22 / DC22CD June 1998
Depth Charge Romario (mixes)
1. Romario
2. Son of Rio mix
3. Rio Percussion Unit mix

Depth Charge Blue Lipps (12"/CDS) DC 14 August 3, 1998
1. Blue Lipps
2. Deadly Blow
3. Blue Lips (XXX)

Depth Charge Bounty Killer 3 EP (12") DC 024 1999
AA1 Bounty Killer 3
AA2 Always Do TDA (Handbreak Mix)

Depth Charge Lust (2-LP/CD) DC030LP / DC030CD October 11, 1999
1. Hronn's Intro
2. Harley Davidson
3. TDA
4. Streets Of Gold
5. Blue Lipps
6. Bounty Killer III
7. Dreaming Of The Jungle
8. Sex Sluts'n'Heaven
9. The Snare
10. 21.3.1993
11. Desire
12. So You Want To Be A Secret Agent?
13. Genius Of Sci-Fi Depth Charge

Lust 2 (2-LP/CD) DC 030LPX / DC 030CDX November 15, 1999
1. Han Do Jin (Even Heroes Have To Die)
2. Django
3. Death And Diamonds (Is The Name Of The Game)
4. Cut My Veins
5. Model Does Sexy Weird
6. 7 Hill Poison
7. Ride
8. Murder By Contract
9. I... Always Do!
10. Pretty Pretty

Depth Charge The Goblin (10") DC036 September 2000
A. The Goblin
B. Bounty Killer III (Where's The Gold?)

Depth Charge Robotomo / Honour (12") DC44 / EFA 80050-6 6 June, 2002
A. Robotomo
AA. Honour

Depth Charge Spill - Rare & Unreleased Tracks 1993-1998 (2LP/CD) DC50LP / DC50CD 23 September 2002
1. Legend of the Golden Snake (edit)
2. Cool It Vixen (edit)
3. Number 9 (edit)
4. Good Driver (previously unreleased)
5. Hubba Hubba Hubba (Knife in the Bag) (edit)
6. Queen of the Scorpion (edit)
7. Sassooll (previously unreleased)
8. Disciple of the Blade (Where The Fuck Am I?) (previously unreleased mix)
9. Sex Sluts N Heaven (previously unreleased mix)
10. Poison Clan 95 (edit)

A completely different, and rather more extravagant recipe also known as a Depth Charge:

Shake equal measures (30mL each) of calvados and cognac with half a measure of fresh lemon juice, a dash of grenadine and ice. strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a slice of apple.

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