The most common type of Graphical User Interface - short for Windows, Icons, Mouse and Pointer

See WIMP environment or WIMP interface

Weakly Interacting Massive Particles. Also neutralino.

These are the particles that theoretically make up a large proportion of the Universe's actual mass. The so called "Dark Matter", they, along with MACHOs and Einstein's cosmological constant, make it possible for the idea of a "flat" or constantly and infinitely expanding universe to exist.
They are claimed to have a mass of about that of a nickel atom, but do not interact with rest of the matter in the universe very much, so have little effect our earthly lives. They would however be involved in the spinning of the galaxies and other super-scale phenomena.
Scientists estimate that there should be about 1 WIMP per teacup mass of space. Multiply the cross-section of the human body 140 miles (the distance we travel though the WIMP cloud every second), and divide by the volume of a teacup and we find that about a billion of the buggers are going through us every second.

Scary thought.

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