A 'fraidy cat is a person who is scared of many things. See also chicken and wuss. The term 'fraidy cat is usually used by people between the ages of five and twelve, and is most often found in a context similar to this one...

"Hey everybody, (insert name here) is too scared to (insert scary thing here)! Haha! 'Fraidy Cat! 'Fraidy Cat!"

Here is an example of me being a 'fraidy cat...
On the bus ride home yesterday, there was a yummy-looking boy sitting a few seats in front of me. We were both reading but kept looking up and staring at each other.

Incidentally, he was sitting with someone who I had spoken to on the bus before. We had gotten into an impromptu conversation about books and this marvellous stranger had given me a copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. (I love this! I think I will start giving all my books away to strangers I meet on the bus.) It had been months since I had seen this person and I wasn't sure it was them or not, but I wanted to tell them I loved the book.

Anyway, the combination of these two people, and me being a 'fraidy cat, kept me from saying anything to either of them. The book man gave me a hello when he got off the bus, so I learned that it was him and I missed my opportunity to say thanks. And I got off the bus without saying anything to my cute staring partner, which was a waste, because it would have been so EASY!

A 'fraidy cat is something I am always trying not to be.

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