The Boss you must defeat at the end of Street Fighter 2 to complete the game.

I've often wondered what the "M." stood for. Perhaps he's simply "Mike" Bison, but that doesn't make sense since he came before "Iron Mike" Tyson.

Maybe he was lumbered with such a wimpy name he had to abbreviate it. Perhaps it's simply "Maurice Bison".

He has a nasty habit of turning into a flying, blue-flaming fireball and launching himself at you, and somehow managing to jump in the air and stomp on your head from a great distance.

In the Japanese version of SF2, the last four bosses were named as so:
  1. M. Bison -- the boxer.
  2. Balrog -- the masked guy with the claw.
  3. Sagat -- the kickboxer who was defeated by Ryu in the original Street Fighter.
  4. Vega -- the final boss.

In the United States, because of the possible legal crap Capcom can face, they have changed the order of the names to:

  1. Balrog
  2. Vega
  3. Sagat
  4. M. Bison

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