She's the greatest female fighter on the history of videogames. She's the third in order of importance in the series "Street Fighter," and in the movie she was interpreted by the actress Ming-Na Wen.

Chun Li has good moves of her own, like the heel stomp, the whirlwind kick (only in Street Fighter 2) and her best move, the lightning kick. She is very cute, and has brown hair and black eyes. She was born at March 1, 1968, is 68 inch tall, and her measurements are 34-22-35.

Chun Li's father was killed by M Bison (or Vega if you're playing the Japanese version), who is the leader of Shadowloo, the criminal organization that organized the Street Fighter tournament. She entered tournament in order to get a chance at avenging her father's death.

In Street Fighter II Turbo (Hyper Fighting), she gained a fireball move (sho oken), and in a later game, she lost the ability to perform the spinning bird kick.

Her blood type is A btw.

Chun Li is also a excellent demonstration of fighting games as art. She twirled, leaped, spun, and flipped, all of her motions perfectly fused to all others. Street FIghter 2 had a solid gameplay mechanic, but that didn't make it interesting. Every combo was a new dance, an art of motion.

Also it was really, really easy to flip leap over a foe and slam them with one tiny acrobat arm. This is especially funny when applied to the doofy biznatch wrestler Zangief.

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