Once the top fighter in the world and hailed as the Master of Muay Thai. Sagat is extremly tall and built like a tank. He wears an eye patch over one eye since it was permentally damaged in a fight with Dan Hibiki's father. Sagat was thought to be unbeatable until he was defeated by Ryu's Shoryuken attack. The attack actually opened a gigantic gash in Sagat's chest scarring for the rest of his life. Ever since then Sagat has lived only for revenge against Ryu. He's even gone so far as to join M.Bison, leader of Shadowloo to achieve his vengeance.

Sagat also had trained a pupil by the name of Adon, a very cocky self absorbed fighter who proclaims himself as the master of Muay Thai. In the ending to the Zero series Sagat defeats Adon and fights Ryu. But he sees that Ryu's heart wasn't in the fight since Sagat was so full of hate. Sagat then leaves Ryu telling him that he will return once he has regained his love for fighting with his quest for vengeance over. This is the last time we ever see Sagat as he never appears in Street Fighter III. His latest appearence was in Capcom vs. SNK.

Sagat's Attacks
Tiger Shot
Ground Tiger Shot
Tiger Blow
Tiger Crush

Super Combos
Tiger Cannon
Tiger Genocide
Tiger Raid

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