A attack taught only by the masters of the Shotokan school of karate in the Street Fighter universe. The literal meaning is "rising dragon fist," which is an accurate definition since it is a leaping uppercut attack. Commonly known in most arcades as simply, "the dragon punch."

As with many of the other Shotokan techniques, the masters have each developed their own versions of this attack.

Shoryuken-the standard version of the move only each Shotokan master has their own properties. Ryu uses the traditional one hit version while Ken's is surrounded by flames and hits three times. Gouki's on the other hand only hits three times.

Shin-Shoryuken-a super powered version of the Shoryuken used only by Ryu. The literal meaning of the name means "true rising dragon punch." It looks like a regular Shoryuken only it hits three times but each hit does colossal amounts of damage.

Shinryuken-a version of the Shoryuken used by Ken which goes vertical while spinning around causing a tornado like effect. The literal meaning of Shinryuken is "Dragon-God Fist."

Shoryu Reppa-a set of multiple Shoryukens used in a row for maximum damage. The name Shoryu-Reppa means "violent rising dragon wave", and this name is used only by Ken. Evil Ryu and Gouki both have this attack but it's named the Shinkuu Shoryuken (Ryu) and the Messatsu go Shoryu (Gouki).

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