humor aside, Dan Hibiki is a character in the street fighter series, originally created as a parody of fighting games from rival company SNK. Dan's style mirrors that of Ryo Sakazaki from the art of fighting series. his taunts are more reminiscent of Ryo's sister, Yuri Sakazaki.

First appearing in Street Fighter Zero, Dan is also the weakest character in the Street Fighter series.

Character Bio:

Student of the Saikyo-ryu style of Japanese martial arts. His father, Go Hibiki, was one of the premier martial artists (at least in his own mind). Confident enough to challenge the mighty Sagat for the championship, Go was defeated soundly in the battle. By the end of the fight, Go was fatally wounded. before dying, his fingers found Sagat's eye, damaging it enough that it was rendered forever useless.

Dan, a young boy at the time, vowed revenge against Sagat for what he did to his father. To prepare, he traveled from his homeland of Hong Kong to Japan and trained under the tutilage of Retsu. Retsu eventually kicked Dan out of his dojo because the boy was far to stupid to train. Dan returned to Hong Kong, and continued to train, by attempting to create his own style. during his training, he heard of a Japanese man named Ryu that had bested Sagat. Angered that someone might have have ruined his plans for revenge, Dan immediately heads to Thailand to face Sagat.

This is all true. In addition, he wears the pastel fighting clothes (I guess it's for added satire, making him not only the weakest, but the dorkiest character), and in his ending on Street Fighter Alpha 3, he dies. Yes, Dan dies in his own ending, trying to teach Blanka how to roll, bombed by Charlie.

Wacky, huh?

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