The newest Capcom fighting game, and the newest in the popular versus series of Capcom games (including Marvel versus Capcom and X-Men versus Street Fighter (As of the date of this writeup).AKA Capcom versus SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001

You start off by selecting the "groove" system you want to use. This is expanded to 6 from 2 in the orignal Capcom versus SNK game. These are the C, A, P, S, N, and K grooves (The first three letters of Capcom and the entirety of the SNK name). Each offers various benefits and disadvantages obviously, which for more information, I'd recommend going to

Next, to the character select screen. The are a multitude of characters to choose from, or 44 to be exact. It can take a short while to simply look through all the characters if you're unfamiliar, so I recommend watching a few games first and try to determine who to play, so you won't look too much like a newbie scrolling through the characters for the first time. For picking your characters, you're allocated 4 points to distrubute among your characters. You can pick either 1, 2, or 3 characters, and then allocate as many of your 4 initial points as you wish to each character (with a minimum of one each). They eliminated the ability to play with 4 single point characters in this game, though it was in the original in the series.

The gameplay consists of any amount of rounds neccessary to eliminate all of either player's characters. The backgrounds were spiced up a bit for CvS2 although much to the dismay of the loyal crowd the same character sprites were used.

The control system in this game is the traditional Capcom layout of six buttons, compared to CvS with the 4 button Neo-Geo SNK traditional layout. The conrol system in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 was 4 button as well for the attacking, with the other 2 buttons being used for summoning your other characters, but that is a story for another node.

This game was first put out for the Japanese Dreamcast and is available for import if you have the proper software to play it on your US import, but it more widely available for playing in your friendly neighborhood arcade.

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