A track from Mr. Scruff's 1999 release, Keep it Unreal on the Ninja Tunes label.

The lyrics are simple, mostly variations on a scratchy sounding, Armstrong-esque voice, saying You better keep moving, or you'll be left behind. It comes off as almost a mantra.

The song itself, it something else; big beats, catchy swing sax, a string bass, and a good mix between light and heavy drums. It comes off as a party song, if nothing else, but a 20s style party, roaring music, wild people. The bpm stays at around a healthy 150, it doesn't stray into disco or hard-techno territory.

The intro, and outro, are almost exactly the same, part by part the song is made and added up until the lyrics are introduced, and then it just grooves and grooves. It comes off a lot like the song Everybody Wants to Be a Cat.

To my knowledge, at least three different versions of this song exist: the full length one (clocking in at 7:33), the radio edit (about 4 minutes), and the Fila Brazilia Mix (about 7 minutes). The radio edit was also used for the music video, which featured blob-like happy faces playing the instruments in the song. Hilarious stuff.

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