Marvel vs. Capcom was created by Capcom in 1998 as the third chapter in its popular "crossover" series, after X-Men Vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. Like the others, it features "tag team" style fighting, where players choose two characters and can switch them in and out of the game.

Also featured in this game was a third "helper" character which could come in and do a momentary attack. These helper characters included Thor and Cyclops from the Marvel Comics side, and Arthur and Ton Pooh from the Capcom side (and many, many more).

Graphically, Marvel vs. Capcom resembles its precessors; in the arcade, it runs on the same CPS-2 hardware as the others.

There was also an excellent Dreamcast port which included a 4-player "Cross Fever" mode, as well as a so-so Playstation port that didn't allow in-game tagging (Playstation's RAM was too limited.) A welcome addition to Capcom's library of 2-d fighters.

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