The Katsuragi, an Unryu class aircraft carrier, was laid down at the Kure Navy Yard on December 8, 1942 and was launched a little more than a year later, on January 19, 1944. It wasn't until October 15, 1944 however that she was completely finished, but despite being completed she was never deployed. She was damaged by air strikes on Kure late in the war and never participated in combat actions. After the war she was used as a repatriation ship until 1947, when she was scrapped in Osaka.

The Katsuragi, as a member of the Unryu class of aircraft carriers, the final class of fleet carriers built by the Imperial Japanese Navy, was intended to be used in attacks against US convoys, not in fleet actions. She was to serve with large screen of cruisers and destroyers and, with that in mind, was fitted with a power plant similar that that used cruisers and destroyers. The Katsuragi was one of only two other Unryu class carriers to be completed, though all were sunk close to port without ever seeing combat.


Laid down: December 8, 1942
Launched: January 19, 1944
Date completed: October 15, 1944
Displacement: 22 500 tones (full)
Length: 731.5 ft
Full Dimensions: 731.5 x 72 x 25.5 ft
Aircraft: 60-70

Length: 731.5 ft
Beam: 72ft
Flight Deck Length: 748.3 ft
Flight Deck Width: 88.69'ft

Standard: 18 500 tons
Full Load: 22 500 tons

Boilers: 8 Kanpon boilers
Turbines: Generated steam turbines
Horsepower: 155 000
Speed: 33.5 knots
Shafts: 4

Approx: 1590

Main Side Belt: up to 3" main belt
Flight Deck Armour: 2.0"
Deck Armour: 2.5"

Main Guns: 12 x 5"/40 cal DP in 6 twin mountings
Secondary: 6 x 7"/45
Heavy AA: 89 x 25 mm+6 cal
Light AA: 22 x 13.2mm MG


'Katsuragi' is named after 'Katsura Castle' a mountain and is written with the kanji 'arrowroot' and 'castle'. Katsuragi is also used as the last names of one of the characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hideaki Anno the creator of that anime, used Imperial Japanese Warships as a source of names for his characters, Misato Katsuragi's last name was chosen because of this ship.

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