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.Greetings, fellow noders, and welcome to this quest. Since my arrival here, I've noticed a real dearth of nodes on classical music. This is a huge and truly important topic, because it is a history of creative expression. I want everything! Composers! Performers! Festivals! Instruments! Pieces! It's all good. All genres, from Gregorian Chant to modern opera. Because this is for many a node what you don't know project, it will also be a long one. People, as ever, please save your votes and C!s for the noble contributors to this endeavour. Thanks. The quest begins immediately, and the deadline for quest entries is 00:00 server time on Thursday December 19th (note change!). After this time no quest entries will be accepted. Right.

Rancid_Pickle has very kindly offered to stand by and hand out blessings, and Ouroboros has equally kindly offered to be on hand to answer any questions you might have. /msg him or me with any gremlins.

Some pointers:

  • Please don't cut and paste. It's not worth it.
  • Please do take your time. I heard on the wires that multiple blessings are going to particularly worthy entries.
  • Acknowledge your sources. There's no shame in admitting you've done research for god's sake.
  • Naming convention: please include the bare minimum of information necessary to identify your piece. Composer, genre and number. Hence Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5. If there's a name it's commonly known by, use that instead. Hence Toy Symphony. OK? If in doubt /msg us with questions. The probem with this is that there is so much information you could include that title formats vary wildly, and then the Search box ceases to be useful. Some hints and clarifications can also be found here.
  • If you're noding opera, I don't just want to see the libretto, even if it's explicated. This is not the point. This is about Music, not words. OK?
  • A handy resource and starting point can be found here:
As questions get asked, there'll be an FAQ. Go to the Classical Music Starter Guide if you're short on ideas, and examples of thorough writeups on this kind of thing can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

Please msg me with your submission title and I'll add you below. My internet access is limited to when I'm at work, so please be patient about getting added to the list.

Here's the deal: whilst the quest closes on the 18th 19th, due to the very high quality of many submissions, I willing to give a week's leeway on stuff that's already been reserved, ok? Submissions that have not been reserved that arrive after then will not be taken, but those I'm expecting will be. Thank you. This avoids people botching jobs to get it in on time, or just dropping it altogether.Thanks.

And they're off!

Dear all, I am currently preparing for my interview at university, in a town a long way away. This matters to me very much. Service will resume on Wednesday evening, with luck. Yay! I got in! Those few days out were one reason why this quest was so long. Thank for your understanding. Service resumed.

  1. Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor by diotina
  2. Le Jongleur de Notre-Dame by Ouroboros
  3. Walter Gieseking by earthen
  4. Lepo Sumera by montecarlo. He gets you a job, he is a job. Entertains visiting relatives.
  5. well-tempered by poliphilo
  6. Ferdinando Carulli by nuclear
  7. Romantic minature by a scar faery
  8. Amahl and the Night Visitors by RubenAzarja
  9. Peer Gynt by Serjeant's Muse
  10. Domenico Scarlatti by trotw00d
  11. clarinet by sloebertje
  12. Gian Carlo Menotti by RubenAzarja
  13. Sposa son Disprezzata by hooskies
  14. Ruben Azarja says Hi Darling, I've submitted The Turn of the Screw. Read this.
  15. Cornelius Cardew by pottedstu. And this.
  16. 20th Century Classical Music by haggai
  17. Wiccanpiper says One more for the quest, Jarmila Novotna. Thanks!
  18. Dancing Day by swankivy
  19. Edward MacDowell by drownszurf
  20. bookw56 says Please add Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  21. Alban Berg by haggai
  22. The Sorcerer's Apprentice by corwin
  23. The Flying Dutchman by agazade
  24. Virginal by Posmella
  25. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina by Soberty
  26. Zadok the Priest by caknuck
  27. kegel says I would like to enter Witold Lutoslawski in the classical music quest.
  28. Wiccanpiper says Hi Darl, I've just submitted another,Zinka Milanov
  29. aeschylus says I humbly submit 6-4 chord as an addition to the quest
  30. Phrasing by tdent -show this noder your love!
  31. Beethoven Symphony No. 1 by tdent
  32. Paul Dukas by corwin This and the submission below are both totally thorough.
  33. Max Reger by drownzsurf
  34. Prelude by haggai
  35. Arvo Pärt by haggai
  36. Chicago Symphony Orchestra by beigs ++
  37. Cigarettes and Classical Music by haze. This is... ...we-ell.
  38. Concerto by haggai
  39. The Swan of Tuonela by chacha
  40. Pavel Haas by haggai
  41. minor scale by Footprints. A typically comprehensive offering.
  42. Alessandro Scarlatti by wampus_cat
  43. Cleveland Orchestra by Transitional Man
  44. Canon by koreykruse- evidence that this user rules.
  45. Claudia Muzio by Wiccanpiper
  46. spiregrain by Ceremony of Carols
  47. Musikalisches Opfer by koreykruse
  48. Organum by Trina
  49. Claude Debussy by Posmella
  50. pianoforte by magicmanzach
  51. Samuel Barber by gitm
  52. Albinoni Adagio by diotina
  53. Tomaso Albinoni by diotina
  54. Beethoven Symphony No. 1 by Heisenberg
  55. Peking opera by TehBesto
  56. Biwa by TehBesto
  57. The Moor's Pavane by cst009
  58. Antonio Salieri by kthejoker
  59. Bach Cello Suites by your humble narrator and instigator. Phew.
  60. Bond by CatherineB
  61. Antonio Salieri by Haschel47
  62. modal music by jon-o
  63. program music by corwin
  64. Beethoven Symphony No. 5 by mollusc
  65. Water Music by bookw56
  66. Herbert Von Karajan by xdjio
  67. hammered dulcimer by TehBesto
  68. Tristan Chord by tdent
  69. Symphony of Sorrowful Songs by freshmint
  70. Kodaly Missa Brevis br chacha
  71. Brahms Symphony No. 1 by freshmint
  72. Classical Music Arsenal by the sleazy, anarchistic, atheistic and all-round deviant Mt. Charles
  73. Scotch Snap by a scar faery
  74. Nixon in China by jandradt
  75. Muzio Clementi by quoi?
  76. Don Giovanni by liveforever
  77. Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 by mollusc
  78. Antonio Vivaldi by zgirll
  79. Andre Previn by xdjio
  80. Orlando di Lasso by littlerubberfeet
  81. Adrian Willaert by littlerubberfeet
  82. Christoph von Dohnanyi by xdjio
  83. Leonard Slatkin by xdjio

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