Sposa son disprezzata

Antonio Vivaldi 1678-1743
From the Opera "Bajazet"

Sposa son disprezzata, fida son oltraggata, cieli che feci mai?
E pur egle eil mio cor, il miosposo, il mio amor, la mia speranza.
L'am ma egle infedel, spera ma egle crudel, morir mi lascierai?
Ocdio manca il valor, valor e la costanza.

English Translation
Husband, I am scorned, believe me, I am outraged.
Heavens, what have I done?
And yet, he is my heart, my husband, my love, my hope.
I love him, but he is unfaithful.
I hope, but he is cruel.
Will he let me die?
O God, valor is missing, valor and constancy.
Translated by Elfrieda Langemann O'Neill

Apparently this piece was originally written by Geminiano Giacomelli 1692-1742 Appearing in the opera Le Merope, in Venice 1731. Original title was "Sposa non mi Corosci."

Featured in The Sopranos Season 3 Episode II, The Barrens

Two good recordings:

  • The Sopranos: Peppers and Eggs Double CD Collection
    Released: May 8, 2001 on Columbia Records
  • If You Love Me: 18th Century Love Songs Performed by Cecilia Bartoli
    Released: October 31, 1992 on the Decca label
    The only information I found about Bajazet was in connection to a group of famous horses that were bred during the 18th century in Europe.
    And finally, I am currently learning this piece and hope to perform it when the choir at my college goes on tour in London in March 2003 as well as at my final concert before Graduation in May! This piece is quite moving and emotional, and takes a lot out of the performer, but I love it! Wish me luck!
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