The fragment on which the Albinoni's Adagio in G minor is based was discovered by Remo Giazotto in 1940. Giazotto was a Milanese musicologist who was working on Albinoni’s biography, and came upon it in the Dresden State Library. He reconstructed the piece, which he believed could have been based on a trio sonata. However, he added an organ part which he felt would be appropriate if the piece was to be played in a church. The Adagio begins with a stately organ introduction but then astonishingly melts into an almost Romantic violin passage, full of yearning and measured sadness. The solo violin takes up the theme, and tips it into spaces of darkness, from which it is only rescued by the entry of the organ motif. The strings swell and recede, leaving the solo violin to bring the piece to its wistful conclusion.

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