The Fourth Time Around!

See Hyphenated's writeup, below.

The Third Time Around!

See yclept's writeup, below.

The Second Time Around

The second afghan contained squares from gwenllian, shimmer, yclept, Melannen, metal rozsa, nocte, Chattering Magpie, and trybonun, plus the ones I've made myself, and you can see pictures of it at The raffle for it earned $310 (that's 62 tickets) And finally (15 January 2004) I got a couple of noders together (tregoweth, Sylvar, turtlebat and myself) and asked who wanted to actually do the drawing. turtlebat volunteered. I had already shaken up the bag of 62 pieces of folded lavender notepaper with names on them; she shook it some more, untied the handles and drew the name: Yonder!

Project Overview: The very cool yclept got me enthusiastic about doing this again, with some more publicity to get more contributors and more raffle-ticket buyers. (If you missed the first time, its details are still at the bottom of this writeup.) The basic idea is for E2's knitters and crocheters to make 7-inch squares that will be put together into an afghan blanket and raffled off to make money for E2's operating costs, without the making of the afghan having drained the coffers of any of us crafters. After all, a square could be made with leftover yarn from previous projects (or could provide a reason to buy that single skein in the clearance bin that didn't seem like enough to do anything with).

This time, though, we're doing a theme afghan, instead of the completely random squares of the previous one. The theme yclept came up with is to put a "C!" on every square. You can do that however you want or are able -- different colors in the actual making of the square, duplicate stitching on top of the already-made square, or any other way you like. And we also have an e2craft usergroup now for idea discussion. What we're looking for are squares 7 inches on a side, made of yarn that can be washed easily, but any color or gauge. jasonm said last time: "you might want to stress pre-shrunk yarn for this; otherwise it's not going to last long =)."

You can make just one, or however many you feel like. A few very basic patterns for plain squares are available online from the Warm Up America project, but any knit, crochet, or whatever other type of yarn work is fine as long as it produces 7-inch squares. (The patterns found below all say "continue until work measures 9 inches" because their project used 7" by 9" rectangles; if you use those instructions, just stop two inches earlier.)

  • knit/warmup/theme_article_basic_knit.htm
  • and for techniques and ideas.
Inspired by a brochure for the the "Warm Up America" project of the Craft Yarn Council of America, in which different people knit or crochet sections which are joined together to make afghans (that's a blanket, for those of you to whom an Afghan is a Central Asian or a dog) and donated to charitable organizations.

The First Time!

January 2003: The afghan is finished, with contributions from Chattering Magpie, liontamer, ailie, Lometa, Bitca, nocte, shimmer and knifegirl, plus my own. A picture is available at

26 tickets were sold, at $5 per ticket, raising $130 for the Donation Box. The drawing was held during the Nothing Says Softcore Like Florida In January: A Surrealistic Florida Adventure gathering, after dinner at Circles, where Anml4ixoye, Gamaliel, panamaus, No Springs, tregoweth and Billy watched as I drew a name from the bag. And the winner was: Yonder!

For Immediate Release - January 18, 2005

The Annual Wrap Up in Noder Love afghan drawing has occurred!

On January 17th, 2005, yclept and Altusmens concluded the final act of the There and Back Again: Eating Our Way from Bag End to the Grey Havens, A Hobbit's Tale gathering. There were 77 tickets purchased for a grand total of $385 raised in the donation box. The winner of the afghan is...


Many thanks to everyone who participated this time 'round; crafters, purchasers, and eager observers.

See the completed afghan here.

Noders! Lend me your Knitting!

Or your crochet! Or your naalbinding!

Use your imagination, 'cause we are doing it again!

In the grand tradition started by Segnbora-t, this is the THIRD ANNUAL

*Wrap Up In Noder Love: An E2 Craft Project and Fundraiser*

As in previous years, the goal is to make a collaborative afghan (as in blanket) and raffle it off to the E2 community, giving the donation box a shot in the proverbial arm. Anyone can participate!

Noders in general:
Yes, it's another crafty raffle. Like last year, it's $5 a ticket and you can buy as many tickets as you like. Make a donation and indicate that it's for the raffle. Raffle tickets will be on sale through January 8th, 2005 JANUARY 13th, 2005. Pics of the two previous afghans are here, while I'm showcasing the squares as I get them on my homenode.
I have taken the process over from Segnbora-t this year including collecting and assembling the squares together, so please msg me if you have any questions. The e2craft usergroup still exists for talking about the project. Please msg Segnbora-t if you'd like to be added to it.

The theme:
This year year's theme is a potluck of e2 iconography. It is two-pronged and designed to take advantage of the wide range of skills present in our craftastic noders.

First, there are the random e2 reference squares. I'm thinking of the C!s from last year, as well as @, $, [ ], (+/-) or any permutation thereof, squid, monkeys, robots, etc. Ambitious folk could even write out ''sumbit!'' Anything, and in any method of application (duplicate stitch, intarsia, applique, embroidery, etc.). You can make lots of the same, or one of each, or just a selection. If you'd rather not, feel free to leave squares blank. The aesthetic this year is, as always, to be eclectic.

Second, I need folks to sign up to make one or more squares with large-ish letters so that we can spell out ''everything2'' on the finished afghan. The letters themselves need to be at least 3 inches tall/wide, but can be in any style. This requires a sign-up as we only need one for each and I don't want to get 5 es and no y!

The dimensions and restrictions are the same as last year:

  • Make 7 inch squares
  • Make as few or as many as you like, in any colors or combinations
  • Please use washable yarns! (machine washable, cold, gentle cycle)
  • Also, I recommend avoiding extremely lightweight yarns, as it will be difficult to integrate something that is, say, lace weight into an afghan that is mostly worsted weight.

Please send me your squares by January 4th at the latest! I need to receive them by the 6th as my goal is to finish the afghan by January 8th and to hold the raffle at a certain party with noders I'm planning for the 15th. The timing is important, as I won't be able to assemble it after the 8th as I will be consumed in gathering preparations. Msg me for my address, or look for it buried on my homenode. Yes, it is actually there.

Letter Sign-up:
E - artistgirl
V - yclept
E - yclept
R - grundoon
Y - gwenllian
T - bewilderbeast
H - Segnbora-t
I - Swap
N - yclept
G - yclept
2 - Chattering Magpie

The few, the proud, the crafty: me, Swap, Segnbora-t, nocte, oakling, Nora, grundoon, Bitca, gwenllian, momomom, bewilderbeast, eien_meru, Chattering Magpie, shimmer, DejaMorgana, Dain, witchiepoo, anemotis, Kit, artistgirl....

My squares are scattered all over my LJ, but here's a direct link to the first square I did.go look!

This is my LJ entry the robot and a squid squares. There are links at the bottom to all the other entries with squares.

If you're still feeling like the only kid on the block who doesn't have an E2 afghan, here comes chance number four.

This year, I've rather arbitrarily but felicitously chosen a different kind of theme. Think back to Kermit (or Rana Rene, if he was your hero) sitting on his lily pad in his swamp singing about how being green wasn't easy. Yeah, it's NOT easy being green. And this afghan is going to reflect that.

Raffle tickets can be purchased for five dollars, all proceeds going to E2. Buy as many as you like. The more you buy, the better chance you have to own this luxurious afghan.

How can you contribute? Knit or crochet a square, or two, or many, that reflect your interpretation of the statement "it's not easy being green." You can listen to the song and articulate the lyrics in a pictorial. Green is, after all, the color of so many ordinary things. Or reflect on the word "green". "Being green" can mean that you're the environmentally aware type. "Being green" can mean that you're a Ralph Nader supporter. Surely THAT isn't easy. And there are several other things that may apply. Use your imagination. That's what this is about.

Once again, make the squares about seven inches on each side. Use a worsted weight yarn, or thereabouts, that can be washed, be it natural or synthetic. If you applique, anchor the design element firmly. If you intarsia, make your connections sturdy. With these guidelines in place, let your creativity soar.

Right, let's do this thing.


As of Today, September 14, 2006, the Wrap Up In Noder Love Afghan has not been won by anyone. We're sad to say, no one bought a raffle ticket.

We're sad, but you can be happy. Because no one has won, YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE! Raffle tickets are still five dollars, and can be purchased with a donation to the donation box. All tickets should be purchased by October 15, and the drawing will be on October 22.

Thanks for supporting E2, and do buy a raffle ticket. The afghan is lovely.


And the afghan has been won by DUTCHESS!

A total of 215USD has been raised by this project.

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