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A piece of the newest Wrap Up In Noder Love: An E2 Craft Project and Fundraiser.

Be not too tame neither, but let your own discretion
be your tutor: suit the action to the word, the
word to the action; with this special o'erstep not
the modesty of nature: for any thing so overdone is
from the purpose of playing, whose end, both at the
first and now, was and is, to hold, as 'twere, the
mirror up to nature; to show virtue her own feature,
scorn her own image, and the very age and body of
the time his form and pressure. Now this overdone,
or come tardy off, though it make the unskilful
laugh, cannot but make the judicious grieve; the
censure of the which one must in your allowance
o'erweigh a whole theatre of others.
-- Hamlet III.ii

I'm trying to be good with my time. I've not been around a lot lately, and I will change that and try to stop in and get some work done at least once a day. However, I'm going to largely ignore the chatterbox and communicate only in msgs. I love you all, but this place is a major time sink! Feel free to msg me, though!

It's not working. So, for now /chatteroff. /msg me if you want to talk.

Dear Santa

Thank you so very much for the lovely embroidered card and the postcard and mix cds! And the gorgeous big cone of laceweight merino/possum YARN! I shall hug it and squeeze it and call it "George" and then make something wonderful from it. Thank you thank you thank you!



I'm offering up C!s for good fiction, stories, etc. Folks, including me, have noticed a rise in the good factual and a dearth of good fiction. That's easy enough to explain. Good fiction is harder to write. Hell, if I could write good fiction, I would. However, I suck at it. So, I'm offering up a bribe. Write something good. Bring it to my attention. If I think it's good enough I'll upvote and C!. No guarantees for the C!, though. I have to feel it is deserving.

Lovely new machine has arrived, but I won't be 'round much as I've got scads of work to do and all of it is being slowed down by my having to switch over to the new (pretty pretty) box.

Afghans from previous raffles can be seen here. :)

The new one is here

Wrap Up In Noder Love: An E2 Craft Project and Fundraiser

I'm most like hobbits, and I have a tale to tell:

There and Back Again: Eating Our Way from Bag End to the Grey Havens, A Hobbit's Tale

Been and gone....

Will knit for money. See?

What are my writeups? I've been wondering this lately. Everyone goes on and on about factuals and for the most part mine fall loosely within that category. However, I think of most factuals as encyclopedic in some way. Hopefully, in a good way, with lashings of personality. A reading pleasure. But what about recipes and that other stuff I, and so many others, do. The How To stuff? They are certainly factual, but they don't explain what a thing is, they explain how to make something. Factual just doesn't seem to cover this, even though it is. Perhaps it's because I find cooking, baking, and knitting to be an outlet for creativity more than anything else. And while creativity in writing style is welcome in factuals creative content is usually considered fiction or creative writing. So, I wonder, is there a better name than factual when the content is creative, but the format is not so much?

ارقص القرد في دولته

Things that are missing: hand spinning

I'm offering a bounty of a C! for the first good wu in John Dewey. Plague Dogs has some factual errors and could use superseding. Oy vey, I keep finding things! Torrone could use some help, and (for that matter), turron is rather lacking in info. Where is syntagmatic?! People! Performance theory C'mon!

I know nothing about naalbinding, please help me learn! - Thanks litlebertha!

Knitting things, such as entrelac....

Too late, I took care of chocolate pudding and intarsia myself. sideways has taken care of ice cream scoop, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

siouxsie has done a wonderful job with draugr! Go read it! Macrame and eien_meru have met and made beautiful noding together.

Tolkien things which need a good wu. I've been finding a lot of these recently: Meneltarma, Galadriel, Barrow-wight.

For a brief time on 3/7/04, my noding speedometer speed was 0.1337 nodes a day. But alas it could not last, and I posted something else. But still, for a brief shining moment, everything conspired to make me cool.

Call me ''ycky.'' Swap, and only Swap, has permission to call me ''eggy.''

Do you bake bread?

'Cause, if'n you do, and if'n you'd like some sourdough starter, I can help. I've just started a new sourdough starter for the winter, and it's mature enough to send into the world. Of course, it'll get better with age, so if you'd like some /msg me any time this winter and I'll send you a batch. Let me know if you need detailed instructions or a recipe, and I'll include that to. Really, this will help me seeing as I don't bake every week, but I have to feed the starter every week! And throwing away perfectly good starter just seems wrong. C'mon, you know you want it....

Takers so far: Chris-O (livin' large and propagating even!); Delta-Sys (a bit messy, I'm better at packaging now...); Chiisuta's alas did not survive the trip, I'm afraid they all *snif* froze to death...; fwph (happily doing their yeasty thing in their new home); belgand; Swap killed his batch; Wiccanpiper; grundoon.

Sourdough pancakes are really yummy, too. A lot less work than baking bread, and it uses up a lot of starter.

I am fast becoming a groupie. Witness:

  • May 8th, 2004 3:30 pm - Tribeca Film Festival: Music Fit for a King Howard Shore discusses creating the soundtracks for The Lord of the Rings films. Missed most of it due to getting stuck in traffic. Nonetheless successfully delivered a scarf to the man himself. Some details on my LJ.
  • July 13, 2004 8pm - Philadelphia Orchestra and the Keystone State Boychoir performs The Lord of the the Rings Symphony in Six Movements, conducted by John Mauceri. details on the LJ.
  • July 17, 2004 2pm - Seattle Symphony performs The Lord of the the Rings Trilogy: A Symphony in Six Movements, conducted by Howard Shore. (Went with ueni! Yay! Details on the LJ.)
  • July 31, 2004 7:30pm - Pittsburgh Symphony performs The Lord of the the Rings Symphony in Six Movements, conducted by Howard Shore.

Messages from Outside on Mon, 19th Jan 2004 lightly edited to remove comments unrelated to the interchange.

  • <IwhoSawTheFace> Wait, this means you missed the whole Sex and the City thing? That was the ultimate chicka bonding evening
  • <yclept> IWSTF, limited TV channels after the cable debacle of this autumn. Prior to that, satellite which didn't work except in dead of winter because of foliage issues. And no HBO because I'm cheap. So, no S&tC.
  • <IwhoSawTheFace> Hmmm. Limited knowledge of the outside world, uncertainty regarding current morality levels. This girl coudl be the woman of my dreams!
  • IWhoSawTheFace turns up the flirtation level just a notch. No need to change terrorist alert level.
  • <IwhoSawTheFace> So, yclept. I've got a RADIO at my place. Wanna come over some time and listen to the magic voices?
  • <yclept> S&tC is now the measure of current morality levels?
  • <yclept> Er, IWSTF, I'm currently communicating with you in near real time via computer. Magic voices?
  • <mirv> Talking on wires is the devil's work.
  • <IwhoSawTheFace> No need to worry your pretty little head about "television" Ha ha ha! I was just kidding! I'll give you all the details on the latest technological advances when you come over. And what your opinions shoudl be. (THIS IS EXCELLENT!)
  • yclept considers packing up the laptop and pulling out the cellmodem, but decides that would be too much trouble.
  • yclept then debates what she may be able to wangle out of IWSTF without ever leaving the comfort of her keyboard....
  • <yclept> Mister IWSTF, tell me more about this ''elytision'' thing....
  • <IwhoSawTheFace> Ah, that rural electrification project is going kinda slowly in this neck of the woods. And I can get a telephone here if you REALLY need one. And there's running water here too! SURE, you're WELCOME to come over! (BARNEY: SHE'S THIS CLOSE TOCOMINOVER
  • <yclept> Oooh, Mister, you've got running water? Ma an' Pa usually have me take a bucket 'round back to the crick.
  • <yclept> Shoot, it sure must be lonely out where y'are, Mister IWho. Doncha have any friends?
  • <IwhoSawTheFace> And we're close to a city and everything. Got the Sears catalog, I can order anything I want, it takes just afew weeks to get things here. Bring your toplap and cell phone cord thingie out with you, sure, they work out here too.
  • <yclept> You could ask some friends over an' we could have a nice little party. I cook up a mean chicken fried steak, wi'biscuits and all the trimmins. Only....
  • <IwhoSawTheFace> Oh yeah, LOTS of friends! LOTS! Very lots!
  • <yclept> Thing is....
  • <IwhoSawTheFace> Uh huh. Uh huh. Yeah we can do that. We can do all that. SOOO, when do you want to come out for a visit? Don't tell no one you're coming either. It'll be just our surprise
  • <yclept> Well, see. Ma needs an op'ration and Pa's takin' her to the clinic next week. But we don't have enough to pay for the trip, and I'm flat broke Mister IWho. I couldn't leave now with no one to take care o'the pigs, and what with not havin' the bus fare.
  • <Erebr> uh... but I know she's going?
  • <IwhoSawTheFace> No prob absolutely not I'll send you a ticket for a train and I'll get my friends in your holler to get your pa down to the Doctor.
  • <yclept> But Mister IWho, who's gonna take care'n the pigs? My cousin Ef would do it, but he's got 7 children and has to work at the local feed store just to set food on the table.
  • <IwhoSawTheFace> Well bring em along silly. We got a pickemup truck. Throw them in the back along with your things.
  • <yclept> Oh, and Mister IWho, I've simply nothin' to wear! I know it's awful an' all and I shouldn't be tellin' you this, but my Sunday dress was scorched in the wash kettle! It's just ruined, and I simply couldn't visit in my everyday clothes. I'd be ashamed!
  • <yclept> Oh, I couldn't bring the boys, Mister IWho. They're sweet, but holy terrers 'round strangers. Why, they set fire to the census taker's car when he came 'round. They said it was 'cause he talked fresh to their Ma, so I can't rightly blame them though.
  • yclept curtsies to the assemblage and departs to slop the pigs....
  • <momomom> and feed teh chickend yclept, don't forget the chickens

Sadly, the conversation was cut short due to one participant needing to attend to other things.

I have watched the growth of GIANT ROBOT BATTLE and I have been both pleased and dismayed. Such innovation! And yet such waste! The melée has gone so far at to affect the main chatterbox, and the carnage is terrible. Zombie limbs and wire entrails litter the field of battle and we are left with what? Stalemate and stagnation.

I know the thrill of combat. I have guided my Nannybots into battle and joined in temporary unity to topple great ones. I have tasted the joys of GIANT ROBOT BATTLE and I want more! Yet imagine what immeasurable things could be done if an alliance were to form of like-minded or even just blatantly mercenary robot masters. In these parlous and confused times, with bots trampling the vines before the grape of victory is ripe, unity of purpose within chaos will lead to glory!

I herein propose an alliance, to be called the Giant Robot Allied Brethren and Sisteren (GRABS)*. As the goals of the GIANT ROBOT BATTLE have so far been arbitrary in that everyone picks sides, to the point that there are as many sides as combatants, I propose a new goal. This GRABS will support my side. If you join my side, we will fight together for I’m not yet sure what. I will take what under advisement from the rest of the alliance.

Members of the GRABS will agree to fight collectively when a non-alliance bot threatens or otherwise incites battle. This is in no way to suggest that we will hold meetings or otherwise coordinate our actions through prolonged discussion. Much of the beauty of GIANT ROBOT BATTLEs lies in their chaotic and unpredictable nature. I merely suggest that alliance bots will refrain from destroying each other, in preference for non-alliance bots. Should there be no non-alliance bot in the offing, members of the GRABS will participate in tourneys in order to improve their battle skills and hone their battle readiness. If a member is in distress during a battle, she or he may entreat aid from other members and we are all honor bound to respond if robotically possible.

For those who may consider this a challenge to the Giant Squid, I say that it is not. I have been in communication with a highly placed official of that party and assure everyone that this alliance is for robot battles (preferably giant) only. The representative has agreed to forward this message of neutrality as well as periodic copious quantities of fresh baked goods as a sign of GRABS’ continued non-infringing intentions. Of course, GRABS recognizes that acceptance of any such tokens does not in any way constitute support by the Giant Squid and his party. Furthermore, fresh baked goods are not a legal tender and cannot be considered campaign contributions made to the Giant Squid.

* ''and Sisteren'' was added January 6, 2004 to more accurately reflect the membership of GRABS.

In return for joining GRABS I offer the following:

  1. The satisfaction of victory!
  2. One hand knit jumper or other knit garment
  3. Unlimited quantities of baked goods
  4. 2-ply tp
  5. My trebuchet will be available for parties

If you wish to join GRABS, please msg me with:

  1. Robot specialty, if any. Ex. Lighteningbots, Nannybots.
  2. Preferred baked good(s). Ex. Scones, chocolate chip cookies with pecans.
  3. The color, material and style of your jumper or other knit garment. Ex. Baby blue Kevlar crewneck pullover, fire-engine red qiviut and steel wool poncho.

The space below is reserved for listing GRABS membership.

yclept: Service-industry-bots; scones; Tannenbaum green merino and Teflon turtleneck.
ac_hyper:Kittenbot Pilot (#42) and Mistress of Yoctobots; robust cookies with dark chocolate chips; 1970s wool ski sweater.
ueni: leads an army of Angströbots, made of tapioca; enjoys associating with gingersnaps; feels that Orange knit jumpers are the order of the day. I've just ordered a shipment from the Indian River region of Florida. Latest update: ueni has retired the Angströbots for Flemish Giant Rabbots.
Scribe: Crushes victims with weapons of mass breastiages, likes to wreak havoc in general, controls pixybots (damn things get into everything); robot cookies of any type would not be turned away; ORANGE is the color of power. Scribe says 'fear its mighty eye blaringly brightness!!'
briglass: He leads an army of nano-scale meme erasors, with nanosquid scattered throughout the ranks to maintain order. His nano-sized army builds up a yotta-scale appetite which is quelled with French breads, rolls, bagels, sweet baked goods(which vary in weight and single servings), salted baked goods (vary in weight and single servings), family sized pizzas, family sized cakes, chocolate mousses and a variety of creams, assorted variety of plates that carry different baked itemslike baklavas. briglass will require only a single blue mitten, but it will be the size of three city blocks. (I am currently stockpiling wool, as we speak.)
GhettoAardvark: Favors 32bit Ninjabots of Unwavering Doom, strudel, and long warm scarves.
attained: commands the greeting bots. attained says ''We are masters of etiquette and protocol....and pansies. we shake hands, and eat fresh baked chicken in stars soup. (it can be done) we wear handknit capes made from very dark and sinister see-through plaid mesh stuff. and belts that look like seat belt buckles. something about them is just incredibly irresistable.'' I'm looking into getting a loom for all these capes...
Cletus the Foetus: ''I got me up behind the wheel of this Infamous Big-O Octo-Trot yOttaBot. It's like a big silver saucer with tentacles, ok? He also has spinny spiral eyes that shoot out my hypnotic telepathy, while I'm tucked away in the safety of his luxurious cabin, in space. This is true, I'm seriously not joking here. I like biscuits. To match the chrome decor of the yOttaBot, all my knitwear is silver lamé.'' Wow, that's gonna be bright....

Apparently GRABS has excited some attention....

Not an enemy, not a member. Let us call them, Tertiary Allies -

BaronWR says I would declare my opposition to GRAB, that position is already taken. Therefore I declare a shifty and uneasy alliance with GRAB. I shall fight alongside you with my steam-powered serfbots until my knitwear (50ft black cloak suitable for attachment to giant robot, material not important, but must be at least +2 with aura of cliched evil, invisibility and/or magic immunity) arrives. Prefered baked good: babies. Until next time, Yclept...(gifts of goodwill are on the way....)

Opposition -

allseeingeye says I demand recognition as the princple foe of you GRAB types. THE EYE will consume your souls, and is a primadonna when it comes to public attention!

SEQUINED_SPACEMAN says I oppose GRAB. To counter you I have established TAKE - which stands for Those Who Cannot Grasp the Concept of Acronyms and Also Hate GRAB. You will perish in flames unless you knit me a cookie. 5/15/03

May 15, 2004 - I'm trying out ICQ, unsure if I need or even want such a thing. We'll see. In the meantime: #264145853.

Where am I? 80 Woodschurch Road, Flemington, NJ 08822

The best way to reach me now that I've DSL? Well, you can msg me as I am on E2 a disturbing amount. Also, my old email address will apparently be deactivated in MAY, 2004. So, you might as well use the new one: yclept preposition indicating proximity earthlink. net

I never use that account any more. I use the gmail account I got thanks to will. Yclept was not available, so I went with that other Send me something big!

I have a Live Journal under the id that other username. Yclept was already taken there too, so I've fallen back on my other alias. There is something strangely appealing about a journal.... And, it's an alternate way of getting in touch with me! My how these things proliferate....

for those of you interested in pics of the stuff I make, please go to

Currently on view:
marshmallow balrog
west gate of Moria fudge
One Ring Cake prototypes 1 & 2
balrog s'mores
A cream puff Shelob is reposing there quietly. I hope to submit a wu one day, but it was rather a complicated process and thus difficult to convey!

Nazgchicken is there as well, although I won't be making a writeup for him. Funny to look at but not enough to warrant a wu. Or go see him at (A tiny pic was also on the Sideshow toys but it's gone now. But the prize finally came! It's huge, and sitting in state next to the Nazgchicken, sans chicken, of course.)

AND, I've finally posted some knitting pics.

See E2 from another perspective. My EKW theme:

ekw_textfont="times new roman";

Look what a pretty word Matt_t_hat found me! Athazagoraphobia - Fear of being forgotton or ignored or forgetting.

I don't suffer from this, really I don't.

Oh. By the way. I knit for friends. No, really. I'll knit you a scarf if you promise to be my friend.

If you've received a scarf from me, this has care and feeding instructions.

Apparently I am an INTJ, after answering the Determining your MBTI questions.

I'm starting to save up comments as, well, they give me warm fuzzies.

Chattering_Magpie says Freaky. You're me. You are Chattering Teeth, I am Chattering Magpie. You knit, I knit, You are INTJ, I am INTJ. I also have puppies & kittens inside me, but I was hungry.

AnBolb says re balrog s'mores: looking at all those edible balrogs I'm beginning to realise you're some sort of genius

2004.2.12@3:48 TehBesto says YCKY GO KNIT A GIANT SQARF TO EAT A NECK!11 SQUID PWn3d LOLZHAHAH (I'm still not entirely clear on what this means, but I'll assume it's good!)

2004.2.16@20:14 etouffee says hey, all this "putting logic into the catbox" must stop, ok? (Certainly, until next time....)

2004.2.29@8:22 ModernAngel says marshmallow balrog? that's genius, I wish I knew you

2004.3.16@5:23 briglass says No, you can't! I must win the race!

2004.3.21@19:24 briglass says GG YCKY U WIN! (I somehow stumbled into a leveling up race! Nothing like a little competition to get the juices flowing!)

2004.4.4@22:43 Septimus says mad baking skillz ++

2004.4.10@21:20 Swap says Damnit. Again I am frustrated by your ears deaf to my laughter. Scarf? Narf!

2004.5.25@18:50 rootbeer277 says surface area of a cake? Remember pi r round, cornbread r squared.

5/27/2004 - I've been audited! Thank you Saige!

2004.05.31 at 05:08 Glowing Fish says That reminds me of a song "Xiao tuzi fu fu, zai senlin tiao le, na le laoshu, da ta de tou. Haoxian xialai, ta shou 'Xiao tuzi fufu, wo bu yao kan ni, na le laoshu da ta de tou'" etc.

2004.6.20@8:48 loquacious says re Baked Orodruin: You're totally, delightfully insane.

6/26/2004 - I've been audited again! Thank you You know who you are!

2004.10.15@18:54 allseeingeye says your skill with a knitting needle make me worry about all the naked sheep out in the world.

2004.11.14 at 05:45 oakling says god, your homenode makes me want to either send you, make you, or eat myself a ham roast. - heehee.... 'Cause of my Secret Santa letter....

Yo! *1 * * * * * * * * * * * *2 * * * * * * *

Given! !

Participartory Behavior:

Level 4 on 3/21/2004, after LF recalculated. Poncho was the wu of transition. Yghe was what I C!ed to celebrate. Let's see if this lasts. What with Honor Roll, I could be level 3 again in a day!

Content editor on 11/9/2004. I came home from class, after giving a 20min. presentation that lasted an hour, and everything looked different! We'll see how long it takes me to get confident enough to do anything besides fix typos.

Level 5 in May, 2005, through no effort of my own, because of the new level requirements.

Notes to self: Everything 1, soup, Smart quotes, Yghe, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I'll go eat worms, crème brûlée, My cat is mentally challenged and more than a little misshapen, I am forced to smoke my cat, They think I'm a god, Reply (Crumpled on Her Desk), For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn., de re v. de dicto, Observer's Paradox, Shakespearean Humor, Fermented bean-curd, Fifteen Elvish ways to die, The Cat in the Hat by William Shakespeare, My life is a Lone Wolf and Cub movie, Reality bubble, Rootabaga Stories, Special Daddy Magick, HATEDOME, Walk behind a woman, Nicaraguan Sign Language, So there I was, naked and hiding, facing the dissertation committee from the Isle of Lesbos, the Herto skulls, Discourse Marker, Matchstick rocket, Green onion and ginger sauce, Community2, Little bubble worlds, pancakes, Walking Man, An Annotated Index, Notes Towards the Complete Works of Shakespeare, I glimpse the elephant, New Number of C!'s Per Day (or ) "Holy Crap Does This Suck", The 10 bad listening habits, German potato soup, Irish soda bread, Classification of Car Fish Emblems, Lemon delicious pudding, Dearest, I feel certain, Full text works in Everything, outer space, How to choose and care for kitchen knives, The right way to take a bath, My Taniwha, Nomadic Books of the Electronic Plains, So this one-legged man walks into a bar.

Tools, Both E2 and not: sd, HRaY, oracle, trinkets, squawk, chatter, ENN, edd, ebu, ecr, Unicode, HarvardRS, gathering, cw, E2qs, MLA, ASCII, color, speed, nodeshell, scf, the row, birthdays, nodegel, tracker, rooms, more rooms, even more rooms, ekw, I-Ching, Rot13, group, piercing, t'fez, wot you wrote, garden of bright nothings, wanted.

Research I'm doing: A rape in cyberspace; April Troll's Day; April Trolls Day III - The Day the Music Died; The fall and rise of online community; little bubble worlds; E2 Public Relations Issues; E2 as a community; Everything2 as a community; Features of Everything that foster community; School of Information Analysis of Everything; Thoughts on E2; Everything is a community; Everything is a Family; Fundamentally alone; E2 FAQ: What is E2?; The all mighty horrible node apology; Systematic downvoting; Everything2 as a 300 pound kitten; Internet friends: Abstractions until you actually meet them; WE2; Community2; Anonymity, privacy and E2; How the Internet Came to Be; edev: I Shot Guest User (but I did not shoot n-a-t-e); E2 and the Great Internet Filter Mystery; The quest for high rep nodes (idea); E2 has become my Internet; On the Nature of the Internet and Online Relationships; internet meme; How Everything2 will save the internet; What is Everything2?; Alternatives to Everything2; E2 is unfriendly to old noders; Great Firewall of China; Social shaping of the Internet; You say "the internet" but you mean "the world wide web"; There's nothing more annoying than to try to rebel against someone who's totally supportive about whatever you want to do; Everything vs. Real Life; Everything vs. Real Life, Part II; PICS; Real hackers start their own IRC networks so that they can't be traced by the FBI; The threat to the Internet is not the government; internet censorship; What is Everything?; Internet top level domains; Using your real name on the internet; Life-cycle of an Online Community; Code, and Other Laws of Cyberspace; open source; IRC; Slashdot Effect; world wide web; virtual communities; Internet addiction; the new e2; geek code; The Node Code; spammer; Hidden Message behind the New York Times hacking; If an E2 user called you, what would you say?; parasocial relationship; Something everyone has done but nobody knows what to call it; Fight Club and Everything2; A message from sensei; The Japan Times, e2, and sensei; How To Organize An E2 Gathering; When did the future switch from being a promise to being a threat?; A History of Censorship (idea); Everything Statistics - January 20, 2002; The end of a web comics experiment (idea); Software is free speech; August 4, 2003; Editor Log: May 2004; E2 political compass; Home Power Magazine; The Digital Divide in America; The impact of the Internet on global news media; Age, Sex, Location.

Handy technique: Right before you are ready to post your writeup, make a nodeshell with the proper title. Do all your softlinking for your writeup with the nodeshell. Then, place your wu in the nodeshell. This saves all that frenzied softlinking in the few minutes before it hits New Writeups, leaving all that time for last minute pipe link checking. One warning. Only make the nodeshell shortly before posting the wu, or else it may get 'cleaned up' while you're not looking.

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