Every now and then, some pointless phrase or webpage will infect a hapless web surfer and start to replicate across the Internet, jumping from one mailbox to another and mutating in the process. Based on Susan Blackmore's theory of memetics, these have dubbed Internet memes. New ones spring up every day and most die a fast, well-deserved death soon afterwards, but a rare few (marked in bold) still elicit groans even years after their birth...


Finnish Swedish Artificial

An artificial Internet meme is one developed on purpose, usually for advertising. These rarely succeed.
There are lots and lots of Everything2 memes (just try typing monkeys google lesbian soy into the Search box), but as Everything2 is not the Internet, I'll leave this particular dirty job for another writeup (and another noder).
Additions are welcome, just drop me a /msg; I would be especially interested in non-English memes. Please note that I will not add mutated versions of memes listed here, there are just too many stupid nodeshells and lame attempts at jokes lying around...

Cheers to anotherone, break, cahla, Snicker Furfoot and WWWWolf for some additions.

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