Ticket arrangements have been made! Scroll to the bottom for late-breaking news, etc.

New York City Matrix-fest
(Big-ass title specifically for those who don't read node titles
(Yes, this is short notice. But y'all were probably going to go anyway, so you might as well go with friends ;)

The Premise

The new Matrix movie (The Matrix: Reloaded) comes out May 15th. I'm going to labor under the assumption that most of us New York City area noders are going to want to go. I'm also going to assume that we might as well make an event out of it. I will further postulate that the special effects will look even better (Egad!) with a few beers inside us. I propose we combine The Matrix: Reloaded with alcohol, creating a formula more potent than any the world has ever seen!

The Plan

Going the day it comes out, while being the pinnacle of geekdom, is impractical. A good portion of us work day jobs and need to be at work the next morning. Therefore, I'm scheduling this thing to start Friday, May 16th at 6:00PM. That's the day after it comes out, making us fashionably late. Showtimes are a bit skectchy right now, but it looks like it's playing every two hours at various local theaters. and I'm sure tickets're gonna be hard to get. Once we get a little closer I'll look into reserving us some seats. Check the bottom of this node for ticketing info.

I'm going to assume that the later we go the better, partially for the party atmosphere to be in full swing and partially for the thinness of the crowd. Here's the rundown:

  1. Meet at my place at 6PM
  2. Order pizza. Watch the first Matrix movie.
  3. Head to the to-be-determined theater
  4. Watch the new one
  5. Figure it out from there (Bar, crashing, dinner, etc.) Altusmens is sadly not legal in the US, so no barhopping for us in deference to our Canadian guest


My apartment ain't huge (just ask Kit). It's big by Manhattan standards but fills rapidly when confronted with a rampaging horde of noders. I might not be able to fit all of you, so secure your place now. If you can't fit you are, of course, more than welcome to meet us at the movie. Just make sure I have your contact info so I can tell you exactly when/where we're going.

I'll have basic party foodstuffs available, but (as usual) a contribution to the beer stash will be greatly appreciated.

Interested Noders

  • Chiisuta assuming she's not in Boston. Bad assumption.
  • Kit Lo
  • Walter Maybe. If he does go it'll be for the second time. Damn He's in!
  • yclept
  • smartalix is in, and is quite enthusiastic
  • Altusmens is definitely coming and definitely staying over.
  • Your Name Here

Happy Noding, and I'll see you there.

Yclept notes that advance tickets are onsale NOW at www.moviefone.com. (Or fandango or another similar site) I humbly suggest we all get our tickets in advance for the 11PM showing at City/Reading Cinemas Village East Cinemas (2nd ave and 12th street).
Moviephone Ticket URL:

I should also note that I have enough room to comfortably fit two friendly noders (IE, a medium-sized futon) in addition to the two of us who actually live here, possibly one or two more if you don't mind sleeping on the floor. If many of you need to stay it might be a good idea to bring a sleeping bag.

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