I still haven't gotten the hang of doing things in advance. The last time I did this I had the advantage of running it out of my home. Hell, I had the advantage of running it out of my own country.

Not this time. This time I'm arranging to meet complete strangers thousands of miles from my front door in a city (nay, country) I've never been to with a little less than a week to spare.

I like a challenge.

- - -

In other words:

I specifically told her not to. My girlfriend is going on a business trip (of sorts) to England next week and, as a ridiculously expensive (but appreciated) Christmas present, I'm comin' with her. I will partake of the silly walks and funny accents for a week, get me some culture and come back to New York City with a greater sense of international community and blah blah blah.

In other words, I'm planning on spending a week taking pictures of silly things and drinking a lot.

Drinking is so much more fun with (brit)noders, so it has been decided (with werty's much appreciated help) that we all should partake in some good old English-type debauchery. Werty also suggested that I'm buying the drinks. It's possible.

I'm told The Bricklayer's Arms is a pleasant enough place. Never mind that I have no idea as to where it is in any real sense or how exactly to get there. I'm sure my sense of direction will kick me in the ass once I'm there. I also insist on getting curry once we're sufficiently lubricated. Hey, a man's gotta dream. The pub's node has an address and directions, but for the lazy (or uninitiated) it's located at 31 Gresse Street, London W1T 1QY, somewhere near Tottenham Court Road.

Saturday the 17th of January, 7:00 PM until...well, whenever. We will play it by ear, possibly by nose.

As of right now, me and whoever decides to show. You don't need to tell me in advance as there's nothing really to plan. There's also the fact that I won't have reliable e2 access after Wednesday afternoon, Eastern Standard Time, so I won't know who's coming anyway. If you'd like to throw your lot in, /msg me and I'll add your name to a list of some kind.

- - -

UPDATE: TheLady has graciously offered (thanks darlin') to work as a go-between once I'm in-country. Any inquiries, etc. that need attention after the 14th should be directed to her.


Enthusiastically attending:

  1. spiregrain
  2. HamsterMan
  3. StrawberryFrog
  4. Gritchka (enthusiastic? me?)
  5. TheLady
  6. K9

Thinking about it...

  1. Andrew Aquecheek
  2. wertperch
  3. Gnarl
  4. Hekoya

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