This year, our sceptred isle has seen no less than nine nodermeets1, ale has been quaffed in no fewer than four public houses and we have been visited by no fewer than seven foreign noders. However, as those who read the footnotes will have noticed, they all took place in our nation's great capital.

"But what about those noders too lazy, skint, or timid to venture out to London?" I hear you shout, "and why should those noders outside London always be the ones to run the gauntlet that is the British rail system?" Well, fear not, for three months ago, I was informed that those wonderful ladies collectively known as the Brummie Lesbian Noders of Doomare willing to host a meet sometime over the summer, but are too lazy to organise it themselves. For this reason, I from fifty miles south (or, at the time of writing, six thousand miles south east) present:

Not in London: A nodermeet at arm's reach

The Usual Questions


The first weekend of September (thats the weekend after next, as of writing), we'll meet in the Briar Rose on Saturday at lunchtime, and work out what everyone wants to do. Anyone who doesn't need to be somewhere else can also meet us again on Sunday, depending on hangovers.


Our great nation's second city: Birmingham. Probably in the Briar Rose which is a Weatherspoons pub frequented by the BLNoD

What are we going to do?

The procedure as it stands is that noders not living in Birmingham will arrive by whatever means they find convenient and will be met by one of the resident everythingians. They will then hang around for a while whilst the person due to arrive after them fails to turn up, after which they will be escorted to the pub where the age old tradition of conversing, drinking and possibly torturing the monkey will commence. Noders can also explore the city, visit the many (attractions?) and marvel at just how like any other English city it is.

Where should I stay?

Being disgustingly young adults, the BLNoD still live with their parents and generally speaking feel that explaining that a lot of people from the internet are coming over to stay might be a little awkward. Therefore, you will probably have to find hotels and hostels etc. has various places. Note also, the Briar Rose has guest rooms so you can stay there if you like for prices that are somewhere between reasonable and expensive. It's also the case that in general, it works out cheaper if people get together and share rooms, so feel free to talk amongst yourselves and work something out.

Other Details

If you have decided you want to come, /msg me and I'll add you to the list. When you know what time you will arrive, once again, /msg me and I'll provide you with contact numbers and such so that you don't end up wandering the streets alone.

Who'll be there?

No excuse

Andrew Aguecheek (Teacher's Pet)
a scar faery (Naughty Schoolgirl)
Lady_Day (Loud one at the back)
purple_curtain (Quiet one at the back)
so save me (Swotty)

Will do their best

BaronWR (School Bully)
minisecret (Popular girl)
Wntrmute (Mathlete)
fondue (Pulls wings off flies)
The Debutante (Repeating a year)
La petite mort (Class goth)
Hexter (Top of the class)
StrawberryFrog (Foreign exchange student)

Let Off

wertperch (Has a note from his mum)
Wiccanpiper (home schooled)
gpb (Playing truant)
panamaus (Studying abroad)
bipolarbear (On holiday)
Tiefling (Throwing spitballs)
Kobold (Little toe-rag)

1If you don't believe me, they were:

And probably some more I've forgotten or wasn't told about.

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