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</me> misses Borgo

Homenode pic - Norman Forbes-Robertson as Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Tree's 1901 Production of 'Twelfth Night' by Charles Buchel (1872–1950).1

The first ten years* passed extremely quickly. I learnt a lot. Thank you.

*Past 20 now. Holy fuck.

Wanted in an Attorney’s office, a young man as Clerk.
He must write a good hand and expeditiously,
and understand the practice of the Courts of
Chancery, King’s Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer.
If he is conversant in Conveyancing, so much the better.
– Before, between and after office-hours, he must milk a cow,
look after two horses, clean his master’s shoes,
shave him, and dress his hair. He must wear livery on Sundays,
and attend his master and mistress to the parish church.
– Wages ten guineas a year: but if he can draw
bills, answers, exceptions, interrogatories, demurrers,
and other pleadings in the Court of Chancery,
another guinea will not be considered as an object,
Apply by letter (post paid).

I tweet occasionally. @AndrewAguecheek predictably.

I think of e2 as being a private club. In my mind it is a stately if slightly worn building located just far enough outside the fashionable districts to be slightly disreputable. Its interior is mostly medium-sized or small oak-paneled rooms furnished with comfortable armchairs and sofas, the walls lined with bookshelves, the contents of which is eclectically arranged according to the whims of ancient librarians. It is a home from home on the internet where I can reliably obtain good conversation from pleasant company or while away a few hours browsing the eccentric collection of books.

The club has a rich history that in internet terms stretches back generations. Stories are still told of the deeds of its founding members and the events themselves have passed into myth and folklore. Some, when hearing these tales conclude that the glory days are behind us and all we have to look forward to is stagnation and decay. Others however take heart from our longevity, finding us to be an obscure but enduring institution of the internet. Fresh material is still added to the archives, new members are still inducted and older members can still be found in their usual chairs.


Born: Thirty-something years ago
Place of birth: The Westcountry
Education: Law
Religion: Lapsed Catholic
Politics: Seem to have drifted back to the radical left
Offices held: Content Editor (December 2007 - April 2009)

In my day we only had 28.8 kbps and we were happy. And the internet only worked on week-ends and week-days after 6pm. And you couldn't use the phone at the same time. That was when phones were attached to your house of course...

Title-less Patron of Scotland, archaic synonym for illness, modern synonym for jowl, ampersat, 7th letter of the alphabet, homophone for "male", STOP, contraction of "commercial"

Loquendium linguam Latinam non est signum veri.

1Copyright was with the estate of Charles Buchel until 2020, but has now lapsed. In any case the National Portrait Gallery lists him as an artist of 'Orphan Works'.