Friday 25th June 2004 - 6pm

Penderel's Oak Pub

Special Guest: panamaus

Bloody hell, not another one...

Yes, I'm afraid so.

Here we go again... okay, what's the flimsy excuse this time?

The mysterious panamaus is travelling to our fair country, and will be in town for a few days, seeking ale, wenches, and gold. We, the famous britnoders, must welcome him with open mouths and clenched buttocks. Look, some bloke off the internet is coming to London, you want to come along and do some boozing or what? Do you really need a reason? This is England, for fuck's sake. Or Britain. Or something.

Go on then. When, where, and so on?

The usual: Penderel's Oak, which is big, quiet, and reasonably priced. The address is 283 High Holborn, a short walk from Holborn tube, or Chancery Lane tube. Go here for a map, here for photos, and here if you need directions. If you want crash space, ask someone who is coming, or go the Piccadilly Hostel, you can get a bed in a dorm for 12 quid, or a single room for 34, with various options in between: - or go to for other hostels around London.

It'll be on Friday 25th June, around 6pm, until hell freezes over - okay, until precisely 11pm, at which point the friendly bar staff will suddenly transform into dead-eyed harridans, loudly telling us to drink up, get out, and fuck off. In the event of Ronald Reagan's funeral still dragging on for another month, we will of course cancel the meet as a mark of respect - who cares how many people his actions ended up killing? It's not murder if you don't pull the trigger yourself! It's okay! It's cool! Know what I'm saying? Come on, come to the meet - help me win one for the Gipper!

What the hell are you talking about now?

Dude, I don't even know any more.

Who else is coming? I'm not going unless there's some chicks, and that bloke who juggles.

Please find attached below the regularly updated list of people who might be coming if Xena's not on, or if they're not camping in the queue for Episode III so as to get the best seat on May 19th, 2005. Let me know if you're coming, or I will repeatedly quote Monty Python at you, ever so slightly incorrectly, until your head explodes. Be a normal human being, and come to the meet - or be a stinky, middle aged stalker dressed up as a hobbit.

Normal people who are coming to the meet

RalphyK (Harry Tuttle, heating engineer)
JodieK (Nurse Alex Price)
panamaus (Chewbacca)
fondue (Joxer the Mighty)
Tiefling (Luke Skywalker)
spiregrain (Papa Smurf)
Oolong (Legolas)
minisecret (Dale Arden)
Lastwords (Sulu)
princess loulou (Seven of Nine)
booyaa (Wikkit the Ewok - BOOYAA!)
Andrew Aguecheek (Jimmy Olsen)
Gritchka (Gimli)
StrawberryFrog (C3PO)
heyoka (Princess Leia)
Catchpole (Merry)

Undecided, who are tempted to buy a Star Trek toy instead

diotina (Isabeau from LadyHawke)

Big, poncey hobbits who are washing their Spock ears

amnesiac (the homely girl hobbit that Sam marries)
Albert Herring (Aquaman)
La petite mort (Wonder Woman)
The Debutante (Uhura)
SharQ (Enigma, the naked blue jigsaw tattooed guy from the X-Files)

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