The Bricklayer's Arms is not an unusual name for a pub. However if one of the britnoders mentions this name, they will have a specific pub in mind, at 31 Gresse Street, London W1T 1QY. England, AKA The Britnoder's arms.

The Bricklayer's Arms is a moderately sized pub, located a few blocks off Tottenham Court Road in central London in the Fitzrovia area (just north of Soho). It is central yet not too busy.

For unknown reasons, the London Booze monkeys have convened there several times.

Nearby Tube stations are Tottenham Court Road to the south, and Goodge Street to the north. If you are prepared to walk for 20 minutes, you could find yourself at a number of other places, such as Warren Street, Holborn, Leicester Square or Oxford Circus.

How to get there

Go to Google, type in "Bricklayer's arms Fitzrovia", and find a number of links to it, and even maps from some of them.

How to get there in real life

Ahem. Sorry. From Tottenham Court road tube station, go north on Tottenham Court road, on the left (West) side of the road. Take the second left. This is Stephen Street, which cuts under a building. It's a short alley. When it ends turn right into Gresse street and find the pub on your right.

Alternately, from Goodge Street, walk south along Tottenham Court Road on the right (west) side until you get to Stephen Street. Then as above.


The upstairs section is OK on a weeknight, but one expedition on a Friday night found it to be unbearably packed – like a rush-hour tube train but with additional noise, smoke and booze. When it's crowded the air quality is poor.

They serve some eats, including a soup of the week which can be good, and the obligatory greasy burgers and chips, which are not bad as these things go.

The bar staff vary from pleasant to unremarkable. We've never had surly or bad service there.

The Librarian says: a little anecdote to add if you so desire... it is also occasionally known as The Burglars' Rest by people in the know. A long time ago a group of robbers broke in, cleared out the cash register and drank the place dry, they were found the next morning dead to the world and quite unwakeable by the police.

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