Barrel o' Monkeys is the sweetest little game that ever was, you just need to give it a chance and embrace the simplicity of it all.

How to play barrel o' monkeys:

1. Pour contents of barrel (monkeys!) onto a flat surface, so that they pile up ontop of eachother and are all hooked together and the like.

2. Hold one monkey (I usually use the head), and attempt to hook its crazy cooky arms around another monkeys crazy cooky arms! (Note: This is the fun part! Don't forget to have fun!)

3. Hook as many on the monkey string as you possibly can without any dropping off. As soon as one or more falls, the game is over. (You lose, loserhead.)

4. I really don't remember exactly how to play, it's been so long. Disregard all of those instructions until I verify.. I'll go buy a barrel some time this week, they don't cost very much.

Now, if you're looking for a more realistic version of this game, just go to your local zoo and grab a bunch of monkeys. Shove them into a rain barrel, or some other such stuff, etc., etc.

What is the point of the barrel if the contents are to be spilled anyway? You shake them up in the barrel, fool. (This should be the first step in play.) :)

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