Ok, so I didn't learn my lesson last year. Here we go again...


(Blatantly recycled) Rules

  • Sign-ups will be open from September 20, 2005 through October 31, 2005. Signup is now closed, sorry. Try again next year. Everyone will be assigned on November 3, 2005.
  • You must send out your gift by December 5, 2005 (and tell me about it) or else a backup will be assigned and you will be added to the non-senders list.
  • There is no limit on spending. We have had some really neat items sent in the past. Homemade stuff is by far the coolest.
  • Nobody got the super sekrit good luck bearing gift last year (although a Hello Kitty vibrator did make it to one lucky recipient...), so it's back out on the block.
  • The usergroup created for us is E2SS2K5. Please don't abuse it - I know my inbox can't handle too much more traffic. I'll use it for announcements (deadlines etc.), and if you have questions you think everyone might be wondering about by all means do use it.

Regarding Non-sending

If you have signed up, and you find you can't fulfill your obligation to send a gift to your noder, be it for financial reasons, health problems, time constraints, or whatever other reasons there might be, it's ok. I understand - things happen. Please, all I ask is that you let me know as soon as possible - I have had a bunch of people volunteer to be backups - so I can get your noder reassigned and gifted preferably before Christmas.

I intend for there to be NO disappointments this year, even if it means I send the stuff myself (please don't make me do this, I'm still trying to pay off college...). I won't be pissed unless you just don't do anything without notifying me. If you drop the ball like that, you will not be allowed to participate next year. I know that many people I hold dear here at E2 are reluctant to join in this year because of previous bad experiences, and I don't want that to continue. I want us to be able to have faith in one another, and depend on each other to fulfill our obligations.< /end rant/lecture/sermon/whatever>

Regarding Non-receiving

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have the correct address; one you or someone else will be at during all or most of December; one where if you aren't there, your present will not sit exposed to the elements; and one where if you aren't there it won't wander into 'lost and found', never to be seen again. I have no reason to doubt that most of last year's Secret Santas did in fact send presents. Some probably went into postal limbo, but some undoubtedly went astray at the recipient's end, as several people were not at the address given for weeks. If you're going to be at your parents' house for Christmas/Kwanzaa/Yule/Hanukkah/Festivus/insert winter holiday of choice, you might want to give their address (and request plain brown paper packaging ;P ). Help your Secret Santa out.

How to sign up

  • Read the rules above, and know that you can abide by them. Love the rules.
  • Be sure that you can send out a gift by December 5th, 2005.
  • Copy and paste the form below into your favorite email client. Fill in the blanks. Send it off to martinagthompson@yahoo.com, with E2SS2K5 in the title (so's I don't delete it as Spam... this year, I've almost deleted 2 already; one had 'INTERNET' as the subject and one had 'ho ho ho'. People, if I don't know the name and it doesn't have E2SS2K5 in the subject line, it's going in the trash. Sorry. Too many viruses and too much Spam out there.). If, however, you would prefer not to email, please /msg me with the below info.

Official E2SS2k5 Sign-Up Form

Send to martinagthompson@yahoo.com

E2 Username:

Name you want packages shipped to:

Email Address you can be reached at:

Address to ship packages to:
(Even if it is in EMAR put it here)

Special shipping instructions:

Willing to be a backup?

Things you would like to receive?

Any other notes:

Anyone you don't want to be assigned?
(reasons include, but are not limited to: being your SO, someone you despise, someone you had a one-night stand with, someone you previously gifted in a sekrit santa, or any other reason. But don't tell why. This will be kept strictly confidential, of course.)

Other Info

  • Let's make this fun. I really don't want to have to ask the Ninjagirls to help us out again this year.I AM a Ninjagirl, and will send the Sooper Sekrit Monkey Death Squad to non-mailers. Mmkay, thanks!
  • I will be asking a God to create a /msg list for all of us. Please don't abuse it.
  • It might help to place any additional information about you on your homenode. When I assign out people I will send the information you put on the form, but by putting more information they can actually learn a bit about the person they are sending this to.

Questions? Feel free to /msg me. Thanks!


to clear up some confusion, I place a (SENT!) after the RECIPIENT's name when you tell me you've sent your present, then replace it with the /msg telling me what it was when it arrives. Don't Panic. (SENT!) does NOT go after the sender's name.

  • gwenllian says YAY!!! The utterly awesome Segnbora-t sent me a homemade ornament, a CD of music to keep me from going crazy with department store christmas music, and two hilarious books (one of which kept me from getting any sleep before my shift Christmas night)! Thank you!!!
  • Erika says Hooray! I got a box all the way from Spain from Jen, the girl with the green hair! She sent me a cool wool scarf with skulls on each end, a knitted green toy my mom says is a Great Old One, and two different Kinder Schokolade snacks! Cool!!!
  • Ian says COOL!!! I got the pop up dinosaur dictionary I wanted from karma debt, ccunning and my friend Dylan! I got giant sour gumballs and gummy dinosaurs too!!!
  • spiregrain says Today, I received a bewildering array of items; my confusion should clear on viewing the enclosed video-disc, on which my SS apparently explains all. I got a fun package which included a cricket bat, a colouring book and a santa hat.
  • Andromache01 says re: E2SS2k5: My proxy just got my Secret Santa present, and it is most awesome and full of evil ducks. ((grins)) Tell my Santa "Thank you!", please. *bouncy*
  • eien_meru (RECEIVED)
  • Master Villain says Ooooh, anemotis sent me books both old and new (a first editoin of The Wayward Bus and a book of politically correct holiday stories), a baseball cap from the University of Montana (which looks rather stylish), some more dice (in a box that can fit still more dice, no less), and a Santa candle which presumably could be used for voodoo if I could get to the north pole and steal some nail clippings. Also minty things which I shall share with my roleplaying group. But I get the candy cane! *mmmm*
  • shimmer says Hooray! I got my secret santa gift today from deputy santa Jet-poop! Three books off my wishlist, some sticky eyeballs, a voodoo doll, a smiley skellybob and a pop up poodle. Woohoo! It was worth the wait. Thankyou! My faith in secret santa has been restored :o)
  • pjd says I must thank my mystery SS for the fascinating book and VERY cool reading lamp. Couldn't have asked for anything better.
  • Ouroboros (SENT!)
  • LSK says Wooh!! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you Swish girl. She sent me an amazingly appropriate aerosmith tab book, and a wonderful collection of Chili's songs!
  • Scribe says Thank you SS, whomever you are, for the lovely scarf and hat! Good luck on getting into University!
  • Aeroplane (RECEIVED)
  • hunt05 says I as well recieved my gift today. Nora sent me some awesome patches, a card, a tiny stone elephant and a incence burner (or worry stone) (perhaps both). Yay!!!
  • golFUR says I received my gift from Cool Beans! A proper introduction to James Joyce and Dublin, which I was greatly desirous of, and a very thoughtful message in my card :)
  • TheLady (RECEIVED)
  • themanwho says I still hate you all for filling my inbox, but am greatly joyful at having received an instant geek cred tshirt pack from the custodian
  • CoolBeans says I received my Secret Santa present today :) two hilariously sloganed t-shirts from Skybluefusion. I haven't stopped giggling since I opened the package today :)
  • The Debutante says My amazing pressie from my very Secret Santa arrived today. Perfect!
  • Ereneta says Received! Servo5678 sent me "Radical Simplicity" by zinester Dan Price! Excellent!
  • Tato says super thanks out to my ss for the two intriguing books and the thought-provoking notebooks!
  • XWiz says My super seckrit santa has showered me with my own personal king of the savannah, things to write with and on, a gadgety thing with interchangable heads and a scattering of sweeties. They also included a note to explain the lack of Hello Kitty vibrator. Thank you! :)
  • WaldemarExkul says I am delighted to report that my winter solstice has been brightened by the arrival of a seriously nifty solar energy kit from The Debutante. Thank you, Secret Santa! And thanks to gwenllian for coordinating all this!
  • litlebertha says Timeshredder sent me indispensible literature, a lovely postcard, and Canadian lovelies
  • karma debt & ccunning says Good things come to those who wait, and No Springs gifted the heck out of our SS present. We received a beautiful personalized baby quilt. There will be photographic evidence once the giftee arrives in March.
  • Heisenberg says Swoon! eien_meru sent me two superb books by Peter Singer and David Deutsch, plus a brillant Mix CD with an extract of one my own nodes. May he have a happy new year and a great christmas!!
  • Focus says Master Villian is the BEST!! It was just like receiving an owl at Hogwarts....All the way from New Zealand, I received the most beautiful assortment of rocks and stones for my collection. Thank you and Happy, happy holidays!... then says I got SS'd twice! Thank you Segnbora-t! I now have rocks from Tampa AND New Zealand for Christmas!
  • trainman says Thanks to my anonymous Secret Santa for the book on secret tunnels under London! You are correct in that it is right up my alley...although, really, I think anything from the London Transport Museum gift shop would be right up my alley.
  • Kalon (RECEIVED)
  • futilelord (NOT RECEIVED)
  • Domin says Gift was received from Tokki. Very interesting book on the habits of dead people =0 and a Suikoden II postcard. Sweetness!
  • Segnbora-t says I got my SS gift -- Lother sent me a fascinating-looking novel
  • mriparian says I recieved Bukowski's Post Office (A book I have been dying to read!) and a mix of really kickin' musics! Major thanksomucho!!
  • Wiccanpiper says Someone sent me a lovely gift/With chocolate coinage too/There was a note inside th'box/It didn't say from who! (update) Thanks to squeezie, I now have a lovely knitted holiday octopus and a bag of yummy chocolate coins from the UK!
  • Andrew Aguecheek says I recieved three extremely amusing editions of Rant Comics and a postcard from an unknown New York noder who I've apparently met... this narrows it down somewhat, but it's rather inconclusive. There was also a very pretty postcard :-)
  • Lother says I'm now in possession of my SS gift. Domin sent me not one, but two books! And a CD of musical goodness! A tremendous thank you to him!
  • yclept says re E2 Secret Santa 2005 : Oh my oh my oh my! Heisenberg sent me a cone of the most fabulous yarn! More than 12oz. of a merino / possum blend. How did he know I wanted to try possum?! It's a gorgeous heathery blue/grey/light brown, and it's a 2-ply lace weight (23wpi). I can make something big, there's so much! He also sent a beautiful embroidered card, a post-card which just reinforces my desire to see New Zealand, and 2 (two!) mix cds, labeled Kiwi Classics and German Classics. I'm halfway through the Kiwi Classics and enjoying it mightily. Many thank yous and smooches to Heisenberg !
  • TenMinJoe (NOT RECEIVED)
  • Dimview says My Secret Santa sent me a great cd with Tafel music, which I intend to enjoy whilst sipping a glass of good port (my Santa seems to be located in Canada...) Thank you, Santa :-)... then says There was a second part to my gift, and it arrived today: a really great book, 'Law in Everyday Japan'. It is so cool (there's a chapter about sumo too). Thank you, WaldemarExkul!
  • kerawall says I received my pressie yesterday; miss julie was wonderful enough to send me a plant-in-a-box, an awesome mix CD, a keychain and biscotti! Yum.
  • elevenfiftynine (SENT!)
  • dharbigt says I received my gift from heppigirl today. It's caused quite a stir here for a number of reasons, but nothing overwhelmingly bad. I'm just beginning to appreciate the wonderful applications of both items. Thanks, heppigirl and happy christmas/hanukah/winter to you all. (And a happy summer to those of you south of the big belt!)
  • Wntrmute says yey, in the post today, my gift from bookcas- Armistead Maupin's 28 Barbary Lane, which means many an evening curled up with a good book!
  • renderer says RECEIVED! From elevenfiftynine. Although not a world-destroying tool the good picture in a good frame will go well on the mantle once I've found a tool and destroyed the world with it.
  • skybluefusion says I got my gift today. It was the Savage Garden cd I've been dying to get, and cool cards! Swap rules!
  • exceptinsects says O happy day! TenMinJoe got me the proverbial thing that I never knew I always wanted, a Japanese puzzle box! It's one of those things that's perfectly thing-ish, it just makes you feel satisfied to have it. I think I will use it as my hope chest but instead of linens I will collect FABULOUS JEWELS in it from all my aristocratic lovers.
  • Kit says My present came today! I had assumed it lost in the mess that is the US postal system, but today it came! Andrew Aguecheek sent me Love All the People, by Bill Hicks, along with some deliciously rude graffiti stickers. :D Thank yooou!
  • swish girl says My mother recieved my gift from my ss weeks ago but wrapped it and put it under the tree. Apparently it couldn't be opened until Christmas in her opinion. Anyway, I LOVE it! I got a fun gyroscope and a bubble bear (you can blow bubbles with him without getting your hands icky. And also a lovely hilarious letter. Thank you so much!!
  • ceylonbreakfast says Kalon sent me a genuine copy of Real Men Don't Eat Quiche, a cool Martin Booth chapbook, and a card! Awesome.
  • shadowspinner (SENT!) (PROBABLY FLED)
  • Sir Norris (SENT!)
  • sloebertje says Yay, I am at home sick today which sucks, but which is also good, because it means I was there to open the door for the mailman who brought me my present! I got a HUGE bunch of dried chillies and a recipe for them and also a newspaper, from a rather anonymous secret santa. Thank you anyway, Santa!
  • Mustard n Custard says Recieved my gift today! I got a lovely mix CD, a couple of badges, a sticker, a bookmark (or at least that's what I think it is) some fantastic Krazy Glue (yay!), $10 American (there aren't any currency exchangers around here, so I framed it and walled it) and a lovely Christmas card. Thanks, Angry Safer !!
  • Nadine_2 (NOT RECEIVED)
  • Swap says Hooray! The postal system does work! This year I did get my gift from the fantabulous banjax who sent me no less than THREE books on coincidences, poetry, and a 2006 agenda/dairy of miscellania that looks suspiciously like something Douglas Adams would have written, plus a mix CD and a card with a very mirthful Christmas puppy. Thanks! ... then says I was twice blessed this year, perhaps in compensation for the package I never received last year. Smart'n'sexy sloebertje sent me a large chocolate J for Swap , a pair of mysterious Dutch sweets, two postcards (one of Miffy and one of Delft) some tea, and a toy fortuneteller goldfish.
  • AnnaPanna says lip balm and books, what more could a girl want
  • AnotherMartini (NOT RECEIVED)
  • Proquar says re E2 Secret Santa 2005:I received my pressie today!! Some wonderful music to eat, drink and be merry by - What great timing! Thanks SS!
  • size_of_a_p'nut (RECEIVED)
  • squeezie says My SS sent me a fab book, a cool mix CD and a lots of lovely sweets and chocs! Thanks Envy. Happy holidays everyone, and all the very best for 2006!
  • Servo5678 (RECEIVED)
  • tokki says A bit late to say it, but the lovely trainman sent me a set of mix CDs and they are utterly, totally awesome. I'm digging them all, even the radio jingles. *grins*
  • Junkill says Wow! My happy holiday thanks to the talented and fetching young kerawall for the wonderful gift of two (!) big beautiful blank books and a mix CD of the comedy stylings of The Arrogant Worms. I'm gonna go listen to `em right now!
  • Arviragus says I got my gift, a fantastic Lewis Carroll Anthology! Alice would approve!
  • Banjax says re e2ss2k5 : I have today, full of misery and tonsilitis, received - from the most excellent La petite mort (and with Strawberry Frog assistance), a noders' notebook replete with quotations, two great music cds (in groovy cases), my third Christmas card, and two noder badges, and had my day made... :o) - Thanks people... x
  • Omega Hunter says Can you put a thanks on E2SS for my ace present of CD's? Proof that E2 is a community :-)
  • Pint says got some kickass tasty chocolates from Oakling. I mean, earl grey chocolate? Who'd've known.
  • magicmanzach says I did indeed receive my gift, if you still care about a message that old on a group that's been deleted. It was bizarre and lovely, and I've since forgotten who it was from... but very much real!
  • miss julie says wiccanpiper bestowed upon me a ball of mysterious AI called "Q", that can read your mind. It has kept me entertained for hours thus far. So fun!
  • Helen4Morrissey (SENT!)
  • Augustine says So you're aware, dharbigt sent me a variety of items from China, where I understand he rules with an iron fist. I might not be correct about that last part; I never was good on global politics. Regardless, it was fantastic.
  • Wazroth says golFUR got me something which I came very close to getting for myself many times! And an awesome cookbook to go with it! Thanks so much!
  • Thea (SENT!)
  • katana says omg yclept sent cookies! and fudge! and more cookies! and jellybellys and a mix CD and a coupon and feathers and lots of little yarny bits and a totally amazing lacy mobius scarf - thank you thank you! *flails, falls over*
  • disillusioned says My santa gave me a roll of taken film and a book about salt, along with a mixCD built around my nick. Very cool stuff!
  • Timeshredder says My anonymous DC santa came through with a copy of Dan Simmons' Olympos. Thanks. Now if only my gift arrived today.... The book's a great selection; I wish I knew who to thank!
  • jedibix783 says on my BIRTHDAY I got two awesome old books in DANISH. Although I do not speak Danish, I am now going to learn so I can read the book.
  • anemotis (SENT!)
  • francesemma says I#ve received my gift, a beautiful selection of things. Including a stuffed moose!
  • oakling says i got a rad blank book from rpgeek that had recipes of his written in the front!
  • No Springs (NOT RECEIVED)
  • Envy says Thanks anonymous e2ss! No clues as to who you are, but candy, penguins, and music ahoy! (At least I'm not last.)
  • EBVLMP2b says hey there, I got my SS gift: Salt my mark kurlansky, pretty postcards from Oxford, a CD of choral music, and some candy. Please thank my as yet anonymous SS, cause I am supposed to figure that out, and haven't got confirmation yet.
  • Atlas (RECEIVED)
  • bookcase(RECEIVED)
  • Maylith says Wow! I got my present today. Diabolic sent me an absolutely gorgeous mala made of carnelian , an I Ching coin, and a great card written in E2 writeup style, with each writeup telling me about what each thing was. Fabulous!!! Absolutely made my day. Many thanks and hugs to Diabolic ! You rock!
  • darl (NOT RECEIVED)
  • RPGeek says The excellent exceptinsects has sent me a book by one of my favourite authors (Robertson Davies) plus a couple CD copies, a bar of nice soap, and assorted candies and such. Many thanks are due.
  • heppigirl says I thanked kit but forgot to brag about my white chocolate and huckleberry cocoa, candles and lotion - feel good pack - I love it!
  • Glowing Fish says So, yesterday, I got my package, with swiss chocolate, and a book, and a CD of Celtic Music, and a thing that goes around my neck. Whoever sent it seems to be a Celtic Jew in France. You would think that would narrow it down, but so far, it hasn't.
  • la petite mort says Well, I thought I was on santa's bad list but I got a phone call last night saying that there was a huge box from my secret santa! I go believe Gwen has over extended herself, right at this moment I am wearing froggy socks and eating Christmas cookies that StrawberryFrog can't eat with a flying pig on my head! The best bit besides the hello kitty vibrating `toy' was a scarf that matches my hat, black and fluffy! Excellent! Thank you so much.
  • OberonDarksoul says Yay! I've finally managed to discover where my parents had left my secret santa's gift, although sadly not with any notes or anything which are presumably still buried within the bowels of my house. Many thanks to my santa, whoever they are, and thank you for the lovely 7" you sent.
  • Diabolic says I recieved two books on the occult from Augustine, filled with eccentric goodness.. hooray!
  • alnilamski says Thank you SS! Back at college, picked up the package: a sweeeet nerdy T-shirt and magazine, plus cards & gum cuz my breath smells.
  • Angry Safer says I got my package a while back. I got a neat stuffed lizard and a green spin-y thing of DOOM.
  • The Custodian (NOT RECEIVED)
  • nk says My proxy's recieved my presents from the wonderful Focus. I'll be seeing them on boxing day. w00t.
  • Pylon (NOT RECEIVED)
  • your name here!

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