Ok, so I've gotten about 1 billion messages about this, but no, I will NOT be running secret santa again in 2002. If you want to do it, I wish the best of luck, but its a pain. Was great fun though. I'd definitely recommend starting it in October if possible, cuz we started way to late last year. That's it.
Ok, so at least in America, we have a silly little workplace tradition called Secret Santa. In Germany, its called Julklap. Essentially, everyone who wants to participate puts their name in a hat, and later everyone draws someone. Then you get the person you drew a gift - usually between $10 and $20 (US) (of course, you can also make something awesome for them).

So I thought, why not here? Doesn't matter if yer Jewish (like me) or Hindu or Zoroastrian or Scientologist, trading gifts is still fun.

So here's how it will work. Sign up by /msg-ing me (I'll obviously need your address, even if it is elsewhere, please send it to me). I'll put you on the list below. Then on or before December 14th (see note below), I'll randomly draw everyone's name, and /msg you with who you have to get a gift for. It's that easy. And I'm sure noders will send the best gifts. Its ok if gifts don't arrive in time for the 25th, it is just a good time to do it.

If you have any questions, or want to suggest anything, feel free to /msg me. And oh yeah, this is open to everyone, so don't be shy about signing up from all over the world. Shipping isn't that expensive, and if someone really can't afford it, we'll fix it so they only have to ship to their country. I'm hoping for something from Amsterdam.

Note: When you /msg me, please include your address and unless you want to have it mailed to your login name, some kind of name for the sender to put on the address. Some parents/girlfriends/etc. might be offput by silly monikers. Even if your address is in EMAR or on your homenode, it makes it much easier if you /msg it to me, PLEASE.

Oh yeah, No more Secret Satan jokes. Please!


Signups/Presents received to date:

  1. Me says "I got two new books to replace the copies I have from when I was a kid from (darsi). Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes (Quentin Blake's illustrations rock) and a new copy of Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham" AND Karma_Debt sent me a crazy amazing super cool Harry and David gift think. Chocolates. Cherry things. Pears. Nuts. WOW
  2. Mitchevious says "mixed cd's from lost and found. with cd stickers too of cool cityscape! good mix!"
  3. AwkwardSaw
  4. dead says "Templeton sent me : a multi-colored feather-boa thingie, a mardi gras necklace, a mix tape of all kinds of good stuff, and blk/mrkt stickers. Really neat stuff"
  5. Jet-Poop says "I just received a book called "The Brothers K" by David James Duncan from the esteemed exceptinsects! Huzzah! :)"
  6. legbagede
  7. qousqous says "heyhey, Alias Mother Jonez has sent me an awesome vegetarian cookbook and has filled me with mirth"
  8. zaph says "This gallant little Hamster has the gift of glitz! You'll gasp and gaze at him when he performs his hem of a rendition of Just A Gigolo - but please don't gawk. His moves will make you giddy. You won't believe it, but he's no gimmick. He's for real and he's great!" Thanks to AwkwardSaw for Gigolo Jo, the Dancing Hamster!"
  9. jessicapierce says ur55318008 sent me 2 RAD hitchcock movies and a secret missive i am not at liberty to discuss TRUE.
  10. SharQ says "re: e2 Secret Santa: I received two KICK ASS photography journals from cahla today. CAHLA! YOU RULE! :)"
  11. Snicker Furfoot says "Thanks to Factgirl I got my pony, and a robot, a spiffy lenticular mousepad, and even a genuine flexible Eep!!! No Red Rider BB Gun with pump action and a real walnut grip, though - she said I'd shoot my eye out..."
  12. WickerNipple says "qousqous has sent me fudge, marzipan and bubbles"
  13. thefez says "got the right secret santa pkg now - nerf cannon and magnetic poetry!"
  14. becca says "I thought nobody loved me, but I was wrong. Today I received the book If on a winter's night a traveler by the Italian author Italo Calvino. I also received two rockin mixed tapes and a sweet and charming letter from BAR himself! It's Christmas in February! And I'm dancing in my skivies!"
  15. ccunning says "DerekL sent me a classic cookbook to add to my collection, w00t!"
  16. Mortice says "says jonrc sent me 'Benjamin Franklin - The Autobiography and Other Writings'. Yay!"
  17. getzburg says "Starrynight sent me two books by japanese authors and an omamori charm from a shinto shrine in Japan, for which I am profoundly grateful. :-)"
  18. Chihuahua Grub says "okay! yam comes through with a picture of a painting of a sunset, a post card, breath mints, a kangaroo scrotum pouch, a totally ol skool sunprint kit, the first bitchin' badass Captain Underpants book, AND, topping that off,the Akira soundtrack, not to mention some fine clogs on a keychain and a little bobbinhead clay turtle. surely, i am not worthy. Also, included in yam's present, was a bear with a handsome bowtie whom i somehow seemed to overlook. keen!"
  19. Miles_Dirac says "generic-man sent me a classy long-sleeve black shirt from Carnegie Mellon. YAY!]
  20. Anml4ixoye says "Got my present yesterday. Nerf Ball blaster from ClockworkGrue. And it is awesome!"
  21. Crux says "Lometa sent me pistachio agave brittle and a ceramic Bolivian nativity (no lie!)"
  22. Siobhan says "/me has just right now received her gift from panamaus. A many splendored thing by Han Suyin - long looked for and finally found :-) /me loves panamaus for that!!! :-)"
  23. Li Kao says "Saige Secret Santa'd my ass with Chocolate Snickerdoodles (so much for my girlish figure), a booty-shakin' mix CD and an infuriating puzzle. SCORE! She also included the recipe for said snickerdoodles. A gift that keeps on giving!"
  24. jethro bodine says "i got my goodies from my e2ss: mix CD, picture of him, book, prism, typewritten note. BE JEALOUS, THIS SHIT RULES!"
  25. the oolong man says "Hooray! I got a present last night from my secondary E2 Secret Santa SharQ, who rocks my world. He got me a mini developing tank and three rolls of rather nice black and white film, and gave me a crash course in developing."
  26. aphexious says "the angelic voices of rural schoolchildren performing 70's pop ballads! from misuba! oh my!"
  27. walter says "thefez got me "Flowers from HELL: A Satanic Reader", and to counterbalance it, a hanging which reminds that God is omniscient and soap withthe Virgin Mary that says STICKY STICKY."
  28. renderer says "Ouroboros has sent me some Battletech morpher thingy, which will be fodder for many of renderer's rendering projects of The Future."
  29. Infinite Burn says "My Secret Santa was, Longwinter! She rawks and sent me Friendship Fairies, Homemade Cookies, and a Velvet Underground CD. MOST FABULOUS OF ALL AND ORIGAMI DRAGON! ps. I think my sekrit santa rawks more than any other."
  30. JayBonci says "I actually received two seekrit santa gifts, one from walter and one from erevapieces, both of whom largely rock."
  31. stand/alone/bitch says "From edebroux my sekrit stuff was a preetty Notebook jrnl. and STICKERS. and Izraeli cereal label and cool pen and silk bookmark and STUUFFZ"
  32. Cletus the Foetus says "Yay! I just recieved my secret santa gift from miss julie -- chocolate covered graham crackers, postcards by Edvard Munch, and two shotglasses etched with "Everything2" and "CtF!" I think she's trying to give me fetal alcohol syndrome!"
  33. edebroux says "spoke too soon: got my pkg today! random_monkey sent me a handmade (but not by him :( ) flower-shaped picture frame, a squishy piggy keychain, noisemaker, the change in his pockets, and local candies: all from the Motherland - England! yeehaw, I win!!!"
  34. Wintersweet says "zaph sent me Last Call by Tim Powers from my Amazon wish list. =) I've been wanting to read something by Powers for a long time. Yay!"
  35. StopTheViolins says "Stand/alone/bitch gave me a walk on the beach, a mixtape, and a Metro punk rawk note pad. stand/alone/bitch uber alles!"
  36. witchiepoo says "jessicapierce sent me an inflatable monkey! and witchie stickers! and notepaper! and homemade cookies! and jasmine perfume! and lavender perfume! and a bendy koala! and a kids book! and LOTS and LOTS OF CANDY!!!!!! YAY!"
  37. factgirl says "My SS was Zari who took my homenode message to heart and sent a fabulous SEA MONKEY BOBBER HEAD! Wooooo!"
  38. GoodKingNerdnor says "I recieved a shit cool duct tape wallet, a copy of "The Best of Pink Floyd", and a copy of "The Cat Who Could Walk Through Walls" (book), from theinfojunkie!"
  39. Lao-Tzu says "I finally received a secret santa gift from yam. 'tis a bit tardy, but received. :)"
  40. cbustapeck says "Yay! I got my secret santa stuff from indra363! She rocks! The package contained a book, Art Nouveau floral designs, and a rad mix cd - Get Up Get Going - Songs to Shake Your Booty To!"
  41. panamaus says "Okay, I drug my ill self to the post office today and discovered that my secret santa gift from ex0teric had arrived: a mix CD, and some assorted plastic trinkets. w00t!"
  42. bindlenix says "I received my gift from CapnTrippy! A fountain pen An excellent gift, it is."
  43. blahdedah says "I received my e2 secret santa gift. However, the sender never provided their e2 handle. can you please let me know what it is so I may thank him/her. Thanks." Later they said: "i found their handle. :-) the gift i received is all in german, so i'll tell you what it is as soon as * I * determine what it is. :-)" and later says "Many thanks to sloebertje who sent me an interesting card game and a beautiful postcard.""
  44. cahla says "hey santa, my gift from swankivy was a goodie box full of toys! fishie ice cubes and nifty clips and silly face stickers and a kick ass wacky retro sticker book and refridgerator magnets and squirt guns and blues clues bandaids and pepridge farm goldfish and a feathery pen! she rocks! woo!"
  45. bozon says I received from a Lady Midnight, a woman of inestimable good taste, a hand-painted card which I intend to frame and hang.
  46. Phyllis Stein says "thank you oh so much. and i got a perlmonks t-shirt and homemade candle from coby :)"
  47. atesh says "I have received my Santa gift from Tiefling. It is composed of a Lord of the Rings calender and some yummy looking shortbread biscuits that I shall try after dinner!"
  48. LadySun says "blondino kicks so much ass, dude. He sent me a blue note and a rockin' CD by this Dutch guy named Kane, and the CD was blue an' he knew I liked blue. An' I'm thrilled, can't you tell? :)"
  49. oenone says "and so from LadySun & Chris-O, i received many goodies with fabulous treats to tempt each of my senses--a handwritten letter, candles, cds, a photograph, a steel penny, a surprise inna box, stickers and many lollies..."
  50. Augusta says "Bingle! I have received an absolutely lovely present of a controversial iron-on transfer from swish girl : ) The t-shirt that says, 'Ancient American Proverb: You haven't been there unless you have the t-shirt.' Most nifty : )"
  51. deeahblita says "i have indeed received my gift from nevermind_me, the books are awesome! i was a little spooked at first by the apparent complexity of the designs in the paper mache book (and paper mache is something i've actually had a serious interest in playing with, so it was PERFECT) but flipping through it, it all seems like gravy. i'll send you a creation, someday. "
  52. sneak241 says "I got two books from GoodKingNerdnor: Canturbury Tales and Temperament, both fascinating."
  53. kaytay says "Cerulean sent me a book about Muppets, a Neil Gaiman tape, and a pair of socks with monkeys on them. I am very thankful!"
  54. Frankie says "I went and fetched my *pony* yesterday from the post office. Bindle is the *bestest* Secret Santa in the whole of nodegel =) The *pony* came with a San Francisco book too. It's the cutest palamino pony in the world! Bindle rocks!"
  55. Rancid_Pickle says "Received a VHS movie (Them!) from Kaytay, one of my fave old-time sci-fi flicks. Kaytay sent it in Dec, but first one was lost. /me is very happy."
  56. JediBix783 says "I got two cool books on medieval history. Right now i don't know who sent it because he sent me a riddle!"
  57. Alias Mother Jonez says "hey--I got my secret santa today. I think its from brassmule, though there was no letter. Guess--it was my I Am the Bane of dannye's Existence node before it was nuked. I coudln't believe it when I saw it."
  58. momomom says "I recieved an interesting book from NothingLasts4everconsidering recent family circumstances. The book is 1899/FIAT/1999 a history of the company and the car. The family circumstances are that my middle child wreaked his car (no one is hurt) and in the process of car shopping with him I realized I am FINISHED with mini vans. It is time for me to move on, to what? I don't know, maybe a Fiat!"
  59. pyrogenic says "dude, I got Shrek on DVD from Momomom"
  60. coby says "Zot-fot-piq sent me some nice ball point pens and a fantastic Waterman fountain pen, which is absolutely beautiful (and some writing pads to use them on). Did I mention how great zot-fot-pig is?"
  61. dem bones says GFG took it upon himself to send me several of these "mixed tape compilation cd's" what with the mp3s and the Napsters and all that. I've only listened to three of them so far, and despite the contact poison I can't complain ... I feel kind of sleepy and nice, though, now.

    So that's weird.

  62. ex0teric says "i got some incense, glow in the dark stars, pop rocks, and a cd of anotherone's high school choir."
  63. Eraser_
  64. ekim yar says "Geekaus gave me Asimov's I, Robot, a book by Kilgore Trout, and Voltaire's Candide. So cool. And, he sent them from Australia, tripling the cool value by virtue of the extreme distance from my house in beautiful downtown Pacific Beach. Thanks mucho! "
  65. discofever says "I got my present from strongbow_79. Besides the obligatory monkey, soy bars, and pictures of lesbians, there were : massed racks of Goth music, enough candy to kill three horses (but with my metabolism, that shit barely made a dent), and a videocassette : Red Fucking Dawn. Charlie Sheen is one righteous Commie-killin' motherfucker."
  66. BurningTongues says "Also, I got my gift from Netsharc Yesterday. He sent me a really beautiful book of photos of germany! yay!"
  67. KillerPenguin says "Chris-O sent me a lesbian monkey, some soy, a penguin and a mix CD!!! Oh my!"
  68. jonrc says "From the depths of Canada's postal service, graceness sent me a card with bunnies on it, a special-ordered copy of the bends, and a bunch of sour candy!"
  69. kenata says "i got my package from ouroboros. It was a set of comics. kabuki."
  70. NothingLasts4ever "mitzi sent me 2 books 10 Poems To Change Your Life and The Final Quest"
  71. Albert Herring
  72. Jurph says "WOW! I just got a fun pack from witchiepoo that included TONS of cool stuff, like sparklers, Sea Monkeys, and noisemakers! It's k-rad, it's faboo, it's KEEN!"
  73. Lost and Found says "karma debt sent me an indoor planetarium. woo! i love it."
  74. amnesiac says "Imagine my surprise when my secret santa turned out to be arch-nemesis, fellow brit-noder and all round lazy arse ascorbic. I got 'the Onion: Dispatches From The 10th Circle', which i really wanted and 'Kitchen Confidential' an expose on restaurant kitchens which i'm looking forward to reading. /me hugglez ascorbic"
  75. dann says "from Feldar, I received 2 books (one written by him) and a jar of olives from Greece. :-)"
  76. generic-man says "Hey, just got my package from wuukiee today. She sent me a Jackie Chan DVD, some Pocky, and a few other assorted goodies. Hooray!"
  77. QXZ says "My e2 Secret Santa gift from JediBix783 was the book bellwether by Connie Willis, and a journal handmade in Florence, Italy."
  78. sighmoan says "blahdedah sent me a spanking-new portrait of Andrew Jackson, with which I intend to buy Diamond, Matthew Hart's new history of the De Beers diamond monopoly.
  79. jaubertmoniker says "i got a JUST ADD WATER simpson's t-shirt all the way from SWEDEN and mr. mdn!"
  80. karma debt says "I received a chillin' CD, "Brasil Guitar Magic" and a handmade card with a great drawing on it and words of encouragement from SophiesCat. Ho ho ho says Santa."
  81. ryano says "From LadySun did I receive a pretty card, a CD of musical weirdness with personalised sleeve, a Soy protein bar, and a monkey puppet in bondage gear!(This is my kidnapped enslaved servant chimp albino, a shameful secret of mine, revealed in AnBolb's poem on my home node). Soy and monkeys! I keenly await the arrival of lesbians under separate cover!"
  82. siouxsie says "Okay, here is the list of things I got from cbustapeck for Christmas! One cleveland, Ohio plastic snowglobe, One 1lb package of bicycle shaped Vemont Pasta, a Blue Kazoo, 3 Yellowstone National Park Refrigorator magnets, one rock from the North Shore of the Shoshome River, one rubber inflatable flying saucer, one "Fortune Teller Miracle Fish" (you wouldn't believe it if I explained...), one holographic Yellowstone National Park Bumper Sticker, one "Pahaska Teepee Lodge" Moose sticker, Texas Salt and Pepper Shakers (shaped like the state of Tx, and an oil well), one Badlands National Park coin, one 10 Groschen coin, and a handmade postcard, all in a wooden Clementine (from Spain) crate! BIG FUN!"
  83. Saige says "wow, Phyllis Stein sent me a videotape with a stage performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch which is totally cool, and a selection of random plastic pieces of varying shape with no obvious use, but many, many not-so-obvious ones!"
  84. Teiresias says from evilrooster "Second wave of seekrit santa pressies has arrived, one daft hat, a bag of sweeties, and an absolutely beautiful handbound book - I daredn't write in it"
  85. mcai7et2 says "I have received my Gift from sighmoan, it is a copy of the rather excellent "On Food and Cooking : The Science and Lore of the Kitchen" i sent my gift to Lao Tzu on the 3rd of January"
  86. blondino says "Hey, I received some excellent Swiss chocolate and a nice letter from my secret easter bunny ;-) I think the name at the bottom says Siobhan, but I'm not sure."
  87. anjona says "says hey, I got my present today from Blandoon, a mega cool CD by kyuss called Blues for the red sun"
  88. dotc says "Whee! TenMinJoe sent me the first season of Spaced on DVD -- in region 2 no less, giving me an excuse to break out the naughty features of my DVD player. Huzzah!"
  89. chris-o says "leaving the house i tripped over a box which was my secretsanta gift from sabbatangel! she sented me a neat Silver Surver toy with surfboard and creepy alien, a Silver Surfer comic, a Victorian Writing Set which makes me wish i had nicer handwriting, some jasmine tea, a box of sweet-smelling incense, 21 lollipops, and several feet of purple rope. let it be known that sabbatangel rocks the house!"
  90. radlab0 says "Rancid_Pickle sent me tea and mugs and the tea smells lovely even through the box and I didn't have nearly enough mugs and I am filled with great joy! Woohoo!"
  91. Ouroboros says "On the 29th I received a package from my college town, consisting of a mini-Zen garden kit and a package of jello pudding, courtesy one DuckCow"
  92. cerulean
  93. SophiesCat says "Witchiepoo was my secret santa. She sent me an angel, pretty lavender soap, santas, green tea, notebook, a book with medieval poetry and beautiful illustrations, fancy hot chocolate (yum) and a handmade bracelet!"
  94. wunderhorn1
  95. graceness says "miss moongirl is an absolute darling and got me a gorgeous HOME MADE mobile with different stones in it. she rocks like a giant electric kitten rocking machine on the rockingest day of its life!"
  96. SEF says "bozon sent me a VERY cool CD, very eclectic, AND two fossil shells!!!! I'm especially excited by the fossils!"
  97. exceptinsects says "simonc has sent me some Tim Tams. perhaps I should explain that Tim Tams are lovely decadent chocolate Australian cookies that are really really good frozen. :)"
  98. ur55318008 says "Becca sent me a kick-ass Douglas Adams book with all five of his Hitchhiker's series in it! Awesome!"
  99. Protector of Mankind
  100. Arthyr says "/me gots a book: "Red earth and pouring Rain: A NOVEL" by Vikram Chandra from mkb"
  101. erevapiscessays "from flamingweasel i received an ever-so-charming day of the dead lunchbox complete with a note and rabbi cards, praying hands, a plastic menorah, vishnu finger puppet and sticker (which my kid loves), and a jesus daily reflection card. very cool"
  102. mdn
  103. longwinter says "yay! ups rang my doorbell while i was in my bathrobe this morning! it was three delightfully bizarre little edward gorey books from ryano: the doubtful guest, the epiplectic bicycle, and the unstrung harp. pretty!!!"
  104. ideath says "WHEE! Kit Lo, that bright little star of our firmament, sent me a flash flask and a word of warning or encouragement in my efforts regarding the BAP."
  105. Kit Lo says "I've gotten a gift from dotc - it's a Gumby figure, a Pokey figure, and a set of clay sticks."
  106. moongirl says "I recieved a very cool Flaming Lips CD today - The Soft Bulletin - from kenata. I love it! Kenata rocks!"
  107. theinfojunkie says "miles_dirac sent me a shot glass, coffee mug(which i really did need) and the book King Lear. thanks hombre."
  108. flamingweasel says " got my package from the illustrious spacklequeen -- it was a piece of art^tm and a tin duck on a tricyle. woo!"
  109. starrynight says "I received a lovely book called "The Tao of Zen" -- I think from CletusTheFoetus. Whee!"
  110. Wuukiee says "wow! i just gotsa package from the super-spiffy jet-poop, with a beautiful silver and peridot pentacle, a charming carved wooden oriental dragon, a button saying "here to annoy the tourists", and three 'classics illustrated' books (Jane eyre, silas marner, and a tale of two cities). i feel all special-fuzzy now :)"
  111. fuzzy and blue says "Chras4 sent me a Dreamsicles music box that plays "My Favorite Things" while two little cherubim seesaw back and forth on a seesaw. Very cute, even if I have no idea what to do with it "
  112. anotherone says "I got two books from Chiisuta- The Worst Case Survival Handbook: Travel and the US Army Survival handbook. How she knew that I'm into survival and/or camping (preferably camping, survival is less fun) I'll never know."
  113. Chras4 says "According to my mail pick up notice GREAT BRITAIN was my secret santa! Special Delivery from Royal Mail was the most wonderful book full of PEOPLE! All in black and white photos. Portraits taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson from 1934 through 1994. This treasure is called "Tete a Tete" and it is perfect. I don't know who to thank! /me hugs all of GREAT BRITAIN! and to top it off it arrived on my BIRTHDAY!! doubly perfect.. The portraits include famous people and just ordinarily extraordinary folks. Pablo Picasso, Carson McCullers, Carl Jung, Igor Stravinsky, Alfred Stieglitz (who I admire second to Ansel Adams).......I love it. I need to learn to take photos like this :) Woo Hoo! I love photography, very good choice by this mysterious secretive santa"
  114. Master Villain says "I got presents in the mail from Trina! She sent me a card game and the alphabet and some mints so I have fresh breath when interrogating spies as well as a water gun - perfect for shorting out listening devices in lampshades! And she sent SHINY ROCKS in a sparkly little container thingy which I love very much. I even think I can mount them on a sattelite and hold the world to ransom!"
  115. spacklequeen says "i got a ceramic chinese businessman bank, an ALF locket, and 4 CDs! (Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson, and a mix) from StopTheViolins ...wow"
  116. Trina (r) 2002.01.15@22:31 Trina says "The postman just woke me up and gave me my Secret Santa gift from ccunning... Wow! A plethora of tiny, multicoloured plastic beads, 27 stickers (the first thing I saw was a sticker with a picture of a lobster saying "Boiling Hurts"), a magic 8 ball, a barrel of monkeys, a jar of Grandma Beth's Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies, a box of Yummy Looking Eating Things Covered With Chocolate in a lovely gold box with "Harry and David" written on the front, 2 lollipops - blu raspberry and butterscotch - from Spangler Candy Company, 3 Nestle Chocolate Crème Treasures, 5 Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Squares (one with orange filling), 2 white candles in glass holders, 1 Dove Milk Promise, I very charming rubber snake, and a CD of really nice music - "Independent Love" - 14 tracks of Indie Rock which I've not heard before, but like a lot. Yay! I'm happy :)"
  117. Zari
  118. simonc says "I got a HUGE pack of COOKIES with HUMUNGOUS chocolate bits from the evil Master Villain"
  119. (darsi) says "Got my pressie! Wickernipple sent me a goldfish with a lightbulb in it's belly that glows orange while I fall asleep. And a really cool poster signed by The Compund and it's asssorted guests. :)"
  120. TheBooBooKitty says "Crux sent me 3 mint condition Atari 2600 games that are still sealed in the shrink wrap. (Amidar, Cosmic Ark, and Demon Attack)!"
  121. Templeton says "Li Kao was my secret santa, so while he was in town for New Year's, he brought mine over: 2 packs of incense, a 10 pack of blank tapes (with the provision that he get a mix tape soon), and a book for a better understanding of the night sky."
  122. evilrooster
  123. Pandora says "*Gaspsplutter* I got it! I got my present today... FROM DEM BONES! wow, it's so cool! I got an E2 T-shirt and a Pandora's Box! I am sitting here beside myself :)"
  124. geekaus says "Received from fuzzy_and_blue a copy of The Tale of Genji, apparently the worlds first novel! /me gibbers in paroxysms of delight! (is paroxysms actually a word?)...Indeed it is. All is well with the world."
  125. random_monkey says "Wooooow! I got 'Monty Pythons All The Words Edition 2' ... Edition being most of the words then... hehe. Anyway it is well ace, I can see meself chucklin at this quite a lot. Monty python rules. It was truly a magnificent gift from sneak241. I thank him"
  126. Strong_Bow79
  127. TenMinJoe says "Jethro Bodine gave me a Dymo Organizer 1610, which is like the badass mofo big brother of my 'mini labelmaker' (Looks like a goddamn gun :-) ) Also a 16 track mix CD, of which 3/8ths is definitely cool, and I bet the rest too :-)"
  128. esapersona says "Greetings! I recieved my gift from KenFoldsFive today! I got a funky book entitled "How to play in Traffic"!"
  129. Sylvar says "Walter is a fellow Comic Book Legal Defense Fund fan, so he sent me two great collections of short comix. A great menu for further reading, and excellent for in-the-john or short-attention-span comixing. You rock, Walter!"
  130. TheLady says "I got a packet of tea and a small handmade fimo mask of (I think) Medusa from The Oolong Man, in a lovingly handwrapped package. Very nice." -- " urgent correction! what I thought was Medusa was actually an attempted visualisation of me. very groovy."
  131. nevermind_me says "Just received 'The Dice Man' from... somebody, no name, just a heart and a question mark, but there is apparently another bit in the post. Will let you know when that and the identity arrive."
  132. KenFoldsFive says "i got a handcrafted (well, they put the items together) macaroni-card making kit from radlab0!"
  133. weStLY
  134. Lometa says "Siouxsie is my Secret Santa and she sent me some really hot stuff woo hoo ! jambalaya and gumbo They smell yummy but never NEVER smell creole seasoning while your eating crackers!" then she said "says eeeek! PLUSPLUSPLUS I just found MORE neat things !!! A little mirror and a delicate porcelain box with roses and a scripture on it to keep all of my little trinkets in"
  135. Reverend Raven
  136. call says "Just returned from the post office. TheLady sent my Cambridge-bound bod a pint glass mug from The Other Place. Perfect for irritating the natives! :)"
  137. zot-fot-piq says "I think you know what I got for secret santa. Thank you very much sir. Amazing that you were able to pick 3 sets" {of Star Wars Legos} "that I didn't already have."(I was his Secret Santa)
  138. Jeeves says "Hey, received a colorful and deadly handmade fridge-magnet from Protector of Mankind, plus a spiffy mix CD."
  139. miss julie says "I received my secret santa gift from dann. He sent me a book of Einstein's writings, Star Wars legos, a Sigur Ros CD, chocolate cars, and a rock from the Brazos River. So cool!"
  140. Sabbatangel says "SWEET!! secret santa I LOVE YOU! atesh sent me 2 comics "The Adventures of Barry Ween Boy Genius" and 'Blue Monday',"The Kids Are Alright"- ALSO a cool ass cd Mind-bending, Altering Stereotypes in TECHNICOLOR! Very cool!!"
  141. nuala says "Thanks to the perceptive Discofever for sending The Dancing Wu Li Masters, who arrived this morning"
  142. RainDropUp says "Frankie! She's awesome - she sent me a really awesome CD called 8 Days and a cool postcard of gorgeous Dubai, as well as a picture of herself looking cute behind a microphone. Great gift!"
  143. yam says "Holy cow, I have bagels, cream cheese and lox from a New York midtown deli, and it's all still cold, 5000km away. Dead is a SUPER GENIUS!"
  144. belgand says "I recieved 'EVIAC: The Triumphs and Tragedies of the World's First Computer' from anthropod"
  145. DerekL says "Recieved this day from Siobhan, A Beautiful photo-illustrated diary from Switzerland"
  146. Indra363 says "Sorry...I thought I had done this...but, I got a book (who's title escapes me at the moment) and a carved walnut shell (which cracked in the mail, and then my cat dragged the pieces of it all over the house) from ideath."
  147. Tiefling says "I just got my pressie from getzburg - a wonderful mini zen gardening kit! Nice one!"
  148. Feldarsays "WOW! I got a swanky crystal dreidl from Karma Debt, as well as TWO containers of highly amazing chocolate truffles! I am not worthy. But I am putting on weight. :-)"
  149. swankivy says "My secret santa Infinite Burn ordered me two Leonard Bernstein CDs from amazon.com."
  150. netsharc says "yay one less person for you to worry about, Nothinglasts4ever got me A book by Poe an agenda and a cool notepad. Merry Christmas all. :)"
  151. srkorn
  152. Lady Midnight says "I just got a kick-ass book of poems called "Dream Work" by Mary Oliver from extremely cool Anjona!" Then, later she said "My amazing secret santa struck again! anjona sent me a package with 2 candle holders with 2 tea light candles, a gel candle, a slice of agate stone, and a box of yummy mint crisp chocolates. She is so amazing! I love anjona!"
  153. weasello says "Got my secret santa item. I don't know who my secret santa is, but my hand-drawn picture of frogs absolutely rules. I'm going to hang it up and post some pictures somewhere, details in my homenode when I do it."
  154. ascorbic says "/me is naughty and haven't told you about the 4 CD compilation of good ole americana that trainman kindly sent to me *ages* ago. Thank you king trainman!"
  155. sloebertje says "i have received: two tins of Tim Hortons Canadian coffee from Lao-tzu. Enough to keep the addiction going for a few more weeks ;)"
  156. CapnTrippy
  157. anthropod says "My second e2 secret santa, legbagede, actually sent me something! An old copy of Pilgrim's Progress with the pages glued together and the centre cut out. A secret hiding place! Containing 'floral lining papers salvaged from a French mid-18th c. tome on monasticism, badly burned'. This conveyed in a courtly note with learned-looking calligraphy. Quite the apt study in contrasts, much like myself. Yay!"
  158. BAR says "got the secret santa gift from Rischi, a book by V.S. Naipaul called Half a Life"
  159. rischi says "oenone completely disregarded my homenode hints to my santa and sent me 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein. I'm still puzzled how she knew I needed exactly this? There also was a handwritten message for me. I loved it."
  160. tandex says "I received an excellent cigarette case from aphexious - it has a faux Louis Vuitton pattern and (most excellent of all) a KGB insignia. She gave it to me while I attended the NYC gathering earlier this month...I was very pleased"
  161. conform says "Reverend Raven sent me three classic episodes of MST3K: "Hercules Unchained", "Man Hunt in Space" and "Attack of the Eve Creatures"!"
  162. gnarl says "today my mailman personally handed to me a block away from home my secretsanta gift from evilrooster... Grimm's fairy tales illustrated by one of my favourites, arthur rackham! how could this deviousfowl know? a great surprise!"
  163. trainman says "Mortice sent a copy of Graham Greene's "Brighton Rock along with a piece of Margate rock(candy)."
  164. mkb says "got my shot glass, earbud earphones, and hot wheels car from jet-poop!"
  165. misuba says "i finally got two books and some sweets from amnesiac! santa doesn't think i'm a bad noder after all. I got V For Vendetta, Lustmord: the Writings and Artifacts of Murderers, and, in amnesiac's own words, "some sweets to lighten it up."
  166. Jocasta
  167. Chiisuta says "I recieved my SS gift, from RainDropUp and it was George Carlin's Brain Droppings"
  168. ClockworkGrue says "Jeeves belatedly sent me a book on How to Read the Tarot! And a mix tape of videogame music! Jeeves belatedly rawks to the Planet Rock!"
  169. cody says "my own gift from Call just arrived in the mail 2 days ago. a die cast replica of the A-team van complete with Mr. T figurine. it couldn't have been more perfect and will soon find a home on my "Wall O' T""
  170. dustfromamoth says "ohmgod!! %%%% esapersona sent me the dr. strangelove d.v.d.!!!!!!!! %%% ♥"
  171. mitzi says "Jurph, my secret santa, sent me A PONY! (A mix tape full of goodness entitled "Pony" on one side and "Horse" on the other). He rocks."
  172. swish girl says "Yeah! I finnally got my secret santa gift! I got the book "Swish" from conform. Thanks!!"
  173. blandoon says "I received my secretsanta parcel: an import Aphex Twin CD and a little pack of "don't mess with Texas" mints, from an unfortunately anonymous donor."
  174. brassmule says "srkorn sent me a small Priority Mail box, packed with popcorn instead of styrofoam peanuts. Unsalted popcorn, slightly stale (i ate some, which he said was bad idea). Plus candy, various assorted pieces and a bag of "El Barrilito" - which is some type of mexican candy, or something. Two pictures of the Tuscon, AZ, area, and his "Hotbox Diffusion Mix Tape 2001" cassette tape mix. The mixtape srkorn sent me FUCKING RULES!!"

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