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Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean the world isn't out to get you...
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Halspal I think we can all learn a lot about pretending to be who we're not from gwenllian's homenode photo.
Halspal Aren't we all really tearing off our zebra suits?
TheDeadGuy gwenllian is raising a furry?
TheDeadGuy And that kid is NOT interested in adopting the furry lifestyle. Wants the suit off.
gwenllian ok, now, it was a TIGER suit
Rapscallion "You'll be a tiger and you'll like it!"
Halspal Most people think of a zebra as a striped horse but it's more like a horse shaped tiger. Try to hand a zebra an apple and he'll rip your arm off.
TheDeadGuy Stop trying to turn your kid into a furry.
DonJaime "And the LORD spake unto Moses when the Israelites wheen they were sojourning in the desert of Zo'onim. And the LORD spake and said "Go to the Children of Israel and say this: The LORD thy God did make thee in him image. Two things there are that the LOR
DonJaime D abominates, and three things that are an offense in the nostrils of the LORD: a woman that doth dress her child, the fruit of her loins, in the raiment of a beast of the field. A child whose likeness is dissembled by the garment put upon him by his mot
DonJaime her. And a neckline made of elastic that is too tight and will not budge."
TheDeadGuy So trying to turn your kid into a furry is a sin, you are saying.
DonJaime Jumping zebra.
DonJaime Well, obviously.
TheDeadGuy We're going to have to stone gwenllian.
TheDeadGuy Anyone who has never tried to turn a child into a furry can throw the first stone.
BlackPawn Wait, should it be a stoning in the town square or is a private one? Leviticus always confused me on that point.
DonJaime And Moses dod speak to the LORD and said "But LORD, what shall we do with the women that have dissembled thy Likeness thus? And what shall be the punishment for those who have transgressed?"
BlackPawn Oh fuck, who hasn't tried to turn a child into a furry on a Friday night? We need a plan B.
TheDeadGuy It has to be done at the next gathering.
DonJaime And the LORD did reply and said: "Let the woman be given over to the beasts that she would honour. Let her sojourn in the field with them, and live amongst their herd. And let her child also be cas out with her in the fields where they do graze!"
TheDeadGuy Hopefully a good stoning will bring some church breasts to the scene. And some religious retreat thighs.
gwenllian I blame alex. I was sweet and innocent, yea virginal, ere I met him
TheDeadGuy Didn't you ever notice that alex looks like satan?
TheDeadGuy Back when him and me used to hang out people would often say, "Hey, there goes Jesus and Satan. Having a beer together. Maybe there can be peace in the middle east. Um, nah." All the time.
BlackPawn Brimstone makes girls all weak-kneed and wet, it's true.
TheDeadGuy But if he is dressing up your kids like animals you need to have a long talk with him. The beasts of the field have no place at the hearth.
DonJaime And Moses did go to the Children of Israel, and told them what the LORD had said. And Eli, the son of Nebulon, who was the wife of Bathzebel, who had clad her son as Kermit, did say "Oh bloody great, where are we going to find a frog pond in this desert?
DonJaime " And Aaron did smite him with his rod, for he was insolent, and a disrespectful man before the LORD. But Bathzebel stayed among the Israeleites, for, lo! there were indeed no frogs. And Many were those who rumoured of the injustice.
Rapscallion What book is this?
DonJaime Numbers. Chapter 37.
Whiskeydaemon gwen is raising a furry?
DonJaime The photographic evidence is pretty damning.
gwenllian I have horrible, dark things in my past of which we shall not speak
DonJaime I still have them in my present. They told me they would go away when I finished puberty.

Hi! I’m Gwen, I'm a RN who works in the ER at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Lafayette, IN. We live in West Lafayette, Indiana now. I’ve been an EMT, an Army medic, a research assistant at Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN, and the Head Nurse / Health Services Coordinator for Tippecanoe School Corporation. I’ve got 3 kids, Rowan (kevi), Ian and Maya (gwenatrix), and 1 dog, Socks. I’m in the SCA (Barony of Rivenstar), interested in chirurgeoning, waterbearing, music, sewing and dance (as well as most other stuff). I LOVE to read (anyone know of a 12-step program for that? Anyone?!?), especially SF/fantasy and medical thrillers. In short, I’m an utter geek. I appreciate feedback, especially the constructive stuff. I hope I can keep up the noding despite all the shit that's going on right now *heavy sigh*. Thanks, guys! You've all been great help to me, especially the critical feedbacks.

current state of mind ...

This was unexpected, my soul's connection to you (place)

Don't do this. Just don't...

this is ficitonale , don't follow in anyway . anthroism - basic old testament stories but with animal twists adem and eve , are reincrnated animals . 1. all humans were once an animal , 2. that animal is the pureist form 3. try to become the most animal you can . - tattos - eat meat raw - don't shave ,unless pervous form had no hair - act like an animal - walk nude ect .

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In America, the young are always ready to give those who are older than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience.
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Ok, I don't normally do this - but check out the XP!:

Monday, November 25, 2002 at 2:15:24
XP 1337
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^Davion^ says There once was noder named Gwenillian/Who's noding was one in a million/if she quit/we'd all be in shit/because we think that she is just brilliant.

ocelotbob says /me wraps his paws around you. "I got you now, my pretty."

etouffee says humble too!..take care you cerebral noder you.

Cletus the Foetus says Yay, I just called home to get my messages. Huzzah for obscene limericks!

Bitriot says re nineteen eighty-borg brilliant.

Wuukiee says re Russian Cream: i LOOOOOVE you!

PMDBoi says you, m'lady, rock harder than an unbalanced washer load. i'll have to try some russian cream some time.

mirv> The Gwen is a very cool noder, not a dumbass kiddie.

Things that I wish I hadn't heard (or said) in the catbox:

Maylith: Well, duh, this is the catbox, and your very words are now being googled. So do you wanna talk about it or not? :)

gwenllian stalks the wild radish and slays it in its lair
grundoon Her vorbal blade went snicker snack. She left it dead, and with it's head, she went gwenlumphing back.
gwenllian giggles
yclept And hast thou slain the Radishwock?
grundoon Come to my arms, my beamish girl!
Gorgonzola Be careful! she might turn into a Boojum!

gwenllian: vee haff veys off meiking you tock, Herr Haze... den Spoon, bitte...
haze "The time has come" the walrus said, "to sing under the moon"
haze of frogs and pugs and tri-corn hats...

JeffreyAtW: I do not like you, can't you see? I do not like you, EDB.
littlerubberfeet: thales, he is known to have a rough edge to him...I like my current XP
littlerubberfeet: I do not like in a node, I do not like you...on a commode?
undead: the best you can hope for from EDB is that he doesn't even know you exist - whenever he notices you, you're in trouble. unless you're superhumanly charming, like Mitzi is, for example
gwenllian: And he will borg you in a box, and he will borg you with a fox, and he will borg you here and there; Yes! He will borg you anywhere!
littlerubberfeet: and I shall node in a hat, I shall node this and that, I shall ignore the EDB and be with my cat

dannye: C Busta Pack / And now he's back / But his lines won't work / Screw that jerk / Must be da Fez / Messin' wid his head / etc.
witchiepoo: oh my gawd. I never thought I would see the day when dannye would rap inna catbox.
dannye: I blame Don Red. For this and so much more.

03:07Cletus the Foetus: ANYBODY who wants to call my house and leave a poem on my answering machine, should /msg me right away!
03:08 gwenllian: what kind of poem, Cletus?
03:09 jaubertmoniker would starve himself of the world (from the sea to the Rhine), were it all his, so that the Queen of England might lie in his arms.
03:09 Cletus the Foetus: My idea was to collect original poems, but LaggedyAnne was the first, and it wasn't one of her own poems (she said that she would call again later with an original one, though).
03:10 Chark: Any limerick with "Nantucket" in it is what he likes
03:10 Cletus the Foetus: Other than a preference for original poetry, all bets are off. Angry black poetry, emocore lyrics, Petrarchan love poems, dirty limericks.... ANYTHING
03:11 gwenllian could probably manage a dirty limerick or something...
03:13 Cletus the Foetus: If yer up for it, you have to /msg me to get my phone number!
03:15 Chark: 1-800-limerik
03:17 gwenllian: Ok, here you go (keep in mind I'm sleep-deprived...)
03:19 gwenllian: There was a young lady from Cadiz, whose pussy was hotter than Hades. She burnt all the guys who entered her thighs, and burst into flame in her 80s....
03:19 Bitriot: good lord.
03:19 gwenllian hides her head in shame..
03:20 water: woo!
03:20 Bitriot: gwenllian, who has doubled her writeups in the last four hours. Yes, that Gwenllian.
03:20 Strong_Bow79: wait a damn seceond....
03:20 Bitriot: ;-)
03:21 gwenllian: It's ALL Strong_Bow79's fault - he's the one who taught me Cadiz, Hades and 80s rhyme...
03:22 Chark: She is a typin' machine she is...
03:22 Strong_Bow79: what was that?
03:22 Bitriot: no excuse, gwen. You have a mind. /me scolds more.
03:22 Chark: Also ladies.
03:23 gwenllian: and no, it hasn't been 4 hours - hmph..
03:23 Strong_Bow79: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that...
03:24 gwenllian: see where my mind is - I never even CONSIDERED ladies... /me takes her mind to the sink, pours SoftScrub on it and agitates vigorously..
03:25 Chark: my God I'm sleep deprived, and gwen beating me to lvl 3 has me rattled. Jus the other day she was a n00b helping me node meds, now I must bow to her numberness.
03:25 Chark bows and genuflects his digits
03:26 Strong_Bow79: wait, if you've never tried it, how can you have an opnion about it?
03:26 Bitriot shakes head, muttering about unions and smoke meaning progress and such
03:27 gwenllian raises Chark up on a pedestal of medical knowledgefullness..
03:27 Bitriot: Gwenllian, Chark, and myself all joined E2 within 4 days of each other....sigh...
03:28 Bitriot: where has all the time gone?
03:28 Chark: What're we - genX noders?
03:28 Chark: gwenllian stole the time and noded it while we slept...
03:29 Cletus the Foetus: /mg gwenllian You've got a point there... I guess after that limerick, there's not a whole lot that could disturb me....
03:30 Bitriot: heh, no shit. I've spent the whole time sitting on my proverbial noder ass.
03:30 Bitriot: excuse my profanity, by the way.
03:30 Cletus the Foetus: AHAHAAHH! I SUCK!!!
03:31 Chark: Hmph - must get sleep. I'm sure gewn'll be up to lvl 5 by the time I wake tomorrow. Oh well. gnight all!

grundoon: Chiisuta, she is such a stud/her wang, it is never a dud/ the life of the party/it is such a smartie/Humongous, and COVERED WITH SPUD!!!
grundoon: Now I have to confess I'm fairly pleased with that.
ocelotbob tosses rabid opossums in grundoon's direction
grundoon catches the opossums and fires them back at ocelotbob, rapidfire..don't mess with me, I'm on a roll.
ocelotbob deftly pulls out a knife, guts, and cooks the opossums while they're still in the air before looking at grundy, "No you're not, dear. That looks more like a scone from this angle."

wick: amib: I suck at poetry! Check it out: "Rose are red, violets are blue, this poem rocks but it doesn't rhyme."
wick: amib: Here's another one: "Touch the puppy. Touch the puppy. Touch. Touch. Touch. Puppy." (bows)
amib: wick: I have a nodeshell (sort of) challenge for someone who can write a non-bad poem.
Eco is currently enrolled in a poetry writing class, but is not yet sure he can produce non-bad poetry on demand.
TheBooBooKitty: Here is a a poem. - I like Robotron and Kittens. But not as much as girls.
amib: If someone could go fill If my life were an arcade game , I'd be a very happy person.
Bitriot would be interested to see some ocelotverse.
Bitriot: I'd like to see some Eco-verse as well, matter of fact.
Eco: If my life were an arcade game / I'd be all out of quarters / The proprietors'd say I was quite lame / And oughta keep well away from their daughters.
Bitriot: Eco++
Eco thinks that may well cure anyone of the desire to see more Eco-verse.

rootbeer277 No... this is important. The Apple keypad DOES have the equal sign. It shortened up the plus sign to make room.
rootbeer277 My world has been thrown into disarray. I must re-evaluate everything I thought I believed. Back in 5.
rootbeer277 It didn't take as long as I thought it would, turns out the placement of an equals key on a numeric keypad didn't have as many wide-ranging ramifications as I was afraid it might.
rootbeer277 It mostly affected the way I input data into spreadsheets and pet kittens who haven't been declawed.
DonJaime You put data into undeclawed kittens?
rootbeer277 No. Why would you even think that? What a silly idea.
BookReader He prints it out and shoves it into their brains.
rootbeer277 OH!
rootbeer277 No no no, "pet" is a verb in that sentence, not an adjective.

Things my EMT instructor has said that scare the crap out of me:

Never use an oropharyngeal airway on infants and children, cause it will stimulate their vagal nerve which causes their airway to swell shut.

WRONG!!! Stimulating the vagal nerve causes slowing of the heart; however, the reason you want to be careful with an oropharyngeal airway in a child is that it can easily cause laryngospasm (the vocal cords snap shut, cutting off the air supply)

Name the ring-shaped structure at the bottom of the trachea

wellll... there isn't one. There's a ring-shaped structure at the bottom of the LARYNX, the cricoid cartilage, but the bottom of the trachea consists of the carina and bronchi (Y-shaped, yes, ring-shaped, no)

You have to worry about ruptured organs, like ruptured spleens, after a fall. When they fall from a height, the force has to go somewhere, so it turns into a chemical, usually potassium, which causes the organs to burst.

I must have looked as if I had just had a stroke when she came out with this one. Yes, organs rupture after a fall (it's not the fall, it's the sudden stop... ;-) ). Ruptured cells spill potassium into the bloodstream. Yes, there is a higher blood potassium level then. Potassium does NOT rupture organs (it can stop your heart, but that's a different story..). Plus - *EUREKA* this woman has discovered transmutation!! Energy turns into potassium when it hits the ground!! Real or malarkey? You decide...

After a patient has used their inhaler, the pulse rate speeds up because the heart goes "Woohoo! Oxygen!!", so it tries to make up for the oxygen it didn't get before.

*BZZZZ* I'm sorry, that answer is incorrect. Their pulse rate speeds up because these medications are beta-adrenergic agonists, and they stimulate the receptors in the heart to speed up - it has nothing to do with the heart going "woohoo".

Don't give COPD patients high-flow oxygen because their lungs are filled up with fluid, and the fluid is absorbing all the oxygen in their body, so if you give them lots of oxygen then the fluid is going to build and build until they can't handle it.

Erm.. ah..nope. Normal people breathe when the carbon dioxide in their bloodstream gets too high. COPD patients have a constant high level of carbon dioxide, so their main stimulus to breathe is low oxygen levels. If you give them lots of oxygen, they may literally 'forget' to breathe. COPD itself does not mean that they have fluid in their lungs, although they can (due to infection or CHF or so..), and the fluid does NOT suck the oxygen out of their body. It does get in the way of gas exchange, though.

The larynx is not part of the respiratory system.

Say WHAT??? Since when, and what IS it part of??

Congestive heart failure is built up fluid in the sac around the heart.

Uh..noo.. that's pericardial effusion or tamponade..

A distended abdomen looks like someone has a grapefruit under their ribcage

Sorry, wrong again. Someone with a distended abdomen has firm swelling of their entire belly. What she is describing sounds much more like a hideously huge abdominal aortic aneurism or some kind of tumor..

Swelling is due to irritation of muscles, not water. Edema is always squishy because it's just water.

Ok, once again.. thanks for playing, I'm sorry, the answer is incorrect. Gah. Edema = swelling. Both caused by fluid accumulation. Nope, not irritated muscles. Edema/swelling can be either firm or squishy, but it IS fluid. Try telling someone with a bad sprain their ankle's swelling cannot be hard or tight because it's only water...

Mind you, this woman is employed by the university I go to.. I'm sure she's a competent EMT, but her grasp of anatomy (not to mention physics..) is truly frightening...

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