I got tired of the cruddy icing on carrot cakes these days...you know...the grainy kind that's almost crunchy because of so much crap in it? I worked my tail off perfecting this recipe for the BEST, creamiest, sweetest, most perfect icing EVER, and so I share it with you all today. You should all check out my Carrot Cake recipe too, so you can make the icing for the cake, hehee.



  1. Make sure the neufchatel is soft and pliable, but still slightly cool. Open the packages and drop all of the neufchatel into a large mixing bowl. Use a mixer and mix until creamy and smooth.
  2. Add confectioner's sugar and mix again, until creamy and smooth, and then add in rest of ingredients, and be sure to sprinkle the cinnamon over mixture to make sure it all blends perfectly.
  3. Mix well until you have a smooth, soft icing. Icing will be off-white in color, and you can always add a teeny bit of food coloring to add prettiness.

Tip: Take two smaller bowls and put 3/4 cup of extra icing in both. Add orange food coloring to one and green to another, and mix well. Take two ziplock baggies and scoop the orange icing into one and green into the other. Push icing into the bottom corner of the ziplocks and cut a small hole in the colors...instant cake decorating tools! Draw carrots on the cake as desired!

Nuefchatel: http://www.foodtv.com/terms/tt-r2/0,4474,4237,00.html

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