Synthroid, brand name of levothyroxine


Dosage for adults
Initially 50 micrograms daily. Increase by 25 micrograms daily every 2-3 weeks if needed. Maximum is 300 micrograms daily.
Dosage for children
< 6 months: 8-10 micrograms/kg per day.
6 months-1year: 6-8 micrograms/kg per day.
1-5 years: 5-6 micrograms/kg per day.
6-12 years: 4-5 micrograms/kg per day.
How supplied
Tablets: All Strengths–100, 1000 88 and 175 micrograms–100
Single dose vials (10mL)–1
Additional Information
Not for treatment of obesity – unlabeled and dangerous use!
Date of most recent Update
August 03, 2002
Further information is available in the writeup for the generic name(s) of this medication

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