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01/01/09 - Coming close to 2 years, and wondering if I should make the jump to go private... but the truth is, this job has been an all consuming passion. It feeds into the worst parts of me; it straddles that uncomfortable line between depression and obsession and I love it and I know it'll kill me in the end.

My biography. Sort of.

Everything2 Start Date: 3/30/04
Level 2: 8/11/04
Level 3: 1/16/05
Level 4... 12/08/08? When did the levelups change?
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About writeups

Please pardon grammatical/spelling errors. I re-read all my stuff constantly and do correct errors over time. I firmly believe that everything can be improved. Though you know, if you catch any mistakes, point it out to me. I can only read my writeups only so often before I want to stab myself with a spork.

My fellow noders

The world surprises in many ways.

As for Me

An ordinary person in an extraordinary world. The rest is irrelevant.

i wish i wasn´t flesh and blood
i would not be scared of bullets built with me in mind
for then i could be saved
my sweet lord take care of me for i think i´m done
kiss my mother on her cheek and lay my burden down

but now that we know for sure they´re telling lies when they say
no one gets hurt and therefore nobody dies
you know it´s hard to believe anything that you hear
they say the world is round