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Well I am alive, just barely though after the mauling i just received.

Obviously no one attacking me can appreciate difference.

I'm still here though...

Other than that, I am completely offbeat with the rest of the world.

In other words, you say "jump", and I say "Green was invented after the first person urinated in a toilet with blue water. Someone needs to drink more water."

And he's back like a vertebra

The next part will contain a somewhat accurate version of my life story. Yes I did lie a few times, but I bet you can't guess what is not real.

I am a male, have been all my life. I meet this qualification mainly because of my inverted hip structure.

Yes, believe it or not, I was in the movie Jurrasic Park. I was the sexy Gallimimus on the back row. I have changed a little since then...

Shortly after my contract expired, I found myself homeless and mildly troubled on account of my shopping cart losing the back wheel. The next thing I knew, I found myself unable to sleep, and thoroughly restrained in a cold pack on the D level of a mental institution.

After they let me out of the pack, I repeatedly threw myself against the electric fence, in hopes that one time i would get lucky. Suddenly I remembered the stick trick that Dr. Grant used in the movie. The only obstacle in my way now, was the rule against projectile weapons. Frustrated, I again threw myself into the electric fence; Over and over again.

Just before I resigned myself to my fate and entered a sixteen month coma, I noticed something peculiar. THE DOOR MARKED BY THE EXIT SIGN WAS NOT CLOSED.

Why had I not seen this before? Right then and there I decided not to tell anyone. So for all practical purposes, it is our little secret.

...I have no memory of the next seven years of my life. Sorry.

Now I am 6'5" with brown hair, brown eyes, and brown toenail polish. My left arm is adorned with flamboyant jewelry and is often seen doing the limp wrist thing. The rest of me is fine. I sit like a girl, and shave my legs and stomach and pits like a girl, and i cry like a girl. I am effeminate, so what. I am not gay though. Sorry boys, if I thought what you had was attractive in any way, i would vainly stare at myself in the mirror, and be asexual and happy. Females are definately better looking, and easier for me to associate with and empathize with.

Something about high testosterone levels scare me. I guess I am just a modern Bohemian lover...or I guess it could be my multiple personality disorder.


I am a person just like you, sniff, sniff. Aw, look what you made me do.

So enough about my past, onto the future. JUST FOR REFERENCE, I AM THE FUTURE.

I am...told I am more mature than my age, and a lot deeper and more analytical than anyone in the po-dunk town where I came from. What do I do....hell I don't know. I think a lot and don't sleep nearly enough. I compose music, and am currently writing a bible, which after much consideration, I have decided I will not post here. msg me personally if you even care remotely about my religion.

A CAUTION, IT IS ONLY FOR THE MORAL. Meaning not a set standard of morals, but just an awareness of what you yourself find right and wrong personally.