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Cream of the Cool

"So, Donald Trump is going to be staying with us."

I'm genuinely surprised, because, if it's possible for anyone in this house to loathe the degraded human wreckage that is the current American president more than I do, it would be my wife. And yet, apparently, she's been talking to him, and he's going to pop round for a visit, and stay overnight.

"I guess he could stay in the addition," I say. We built an addition a few years ago, a multi-purpose room with its own lavatory. Guests…

2018 Garden Planner

  • Weather: In contrast with the wet beginning of summer, July and August has been noteworthy for the absence of meaningful rain. The days have been mostly comfortable and seasonably warm.
  • Sunflowers: Towards the end of July, the sunflowers opened up in full glory with heads ranging from 8”-12” in diameter to the delight of numerous honeybees. On the 24th, I went on a weeklong vacation. When I

Now my mother is living alone with the TV as the oversized non-HD eyeball staring back at her one way. She has been living this way for nine years or so, since my father dug a hole to run electric to a house he built and died almost instantly from a heart attack. Now she lives a block away from her beloved beach and boardwalk but seldom sets foot off her block. She totters only to the 7-11 and only travels elsewhere when people take her to get groceries. Before, it…

From the moment I understood what love was, I created a fiction for it in my head. I learned about social cues between people from television and books, and I mimicked their movement, to myself, in my elaborate fantasies that often involved someone real, someone I knew in real life, who was at the time, and would often always be, closed off to me. I was a girl, growing up, very isolated and alone and wanting very much to be loved, even though I vaguely knew what…