The Mad Scientists' Club is a series of short stories by Bertrand R. Brinley about a gang of science geeks. They all live in the mythical(?) town of Mammoth Falls, which is somewhere near Canada. Most of the stories deal with the Mad Scientists' battles with their nemesis, Harmon Muldoon's gang. Harmon used to be a Mad Scientist, but he was kicked out for "conduct unbecoming of a scientist" and giving away club secrets.

Growing up, I loved reading the Mad Scientists' Club stories. They all have that same "geek chic" of the Encyclopedia Brown stories where intelligence and cleverness is valued more than raw, brute strength. Reading the stories today, the science is a little dated (the emphasis on HAM and the reliance on mechanical engineering-y solutions, for example), but I still love reading them.

The members of the Mad Scientists' Club are:

The exploits of the Mad Scientists' Club are recorded in three books, The Mad Scientists' Club (1965), The New Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club (1968) and The Big Kerplop (about which I know nothing; I didn't even know it existed until Tem42 /msg'd me). Anyhow, the short stories I know are:

Many (all(?)) of these short stories were first printed in "Boys' Life", the boy scout magazine. The Mad Scientists are all members of the same Explorer post.

tim three: You are correct, but you have to remember that all of these kids are boy scouts so it's very much a Leave it to Beaver/Norman Rockwell type of Mad Science rather than Dr. Frankenstein/Dr. Jekyll.
The Big Kerplop was the only full length Mad Scientists' Club adventure ever published. Unfortunatly for MSC fans, it is very rare, as (I've heard) less then a thousand copies were printed. The plot centers around the accidental dropping of an atomic bomb (no, it didn't explode) into Strawberry Lake, the panic of the people of Mammoth Falls, and the eventual saving-of-the-day (and the lake) by the Club. Thoroughly enjoyable for anyone who has read the other two books. Consider yourself lucky if you've read it, let alone owned a copy.

[Editor's note: The Big Kerplop is back in print. All Scientists, rejoice! (2009) ]

A quick addendum: There is a fourth book in the Mad Scientists' Club series, which was published after the author Bertrand Brimley's death by his son Sheridan. It is titled The Big Chunk of Ice and involves a trip to Europe, a blimp, and a diamond, among other things! The Mad Scientists' Club - The Complete Edition was published in 2010, which contains all four books (both full length novels and all short stories).

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