KANJI: SEI SHOU tada (correct, proper, right)

ASCII Art Representation:

          %%,,          %%%%
          %%%%%         %%%%
          %%%%          %%%%         ,%%,
          %%%%          %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
          %%%%          %%%%
          %%%%          %%%%
          %%%%          %%%%
          %%%%          %%%%
          %%%%          %%%%
          %%%%          %%%%
          %%%%          %%%%
          %%%%          %%%%
          %%%%          %%%%
          %%%%          %%%%               ,%%,

Character Etymology:

This character has often been explained as the character for foot approaching a bar (-) to indicate stopping at the right place, i.e. being correct. Ironically, this is incorrect. Older versions of this character show the character to be a varient of the character for lower leg, which by association meant straight and by figurative expression came to mean, "proper," or, "correct."

A Listing of All On-Yomi and Kun-Yomi Readings:

on-yomi: SEI SHOU
kun-yomi: tada(shii) tada(su) masa masa(ni)

Nanori Readings:

Nanori: oo kuni ma masashi tadashi

English Definitions:

  1. SEI: right, righteousness, justice, original; plus, positive; genuine.
  2. SHOU: just; punctual; senior; right, righteousness, justice.
  3. tada(su): correct; adjust; reform; redress; straighten; amend.
  4. masa(ni): correctly, surely.
  5. masa(shiku): surely, no doubt, evidently.
  6. tada(shii): right, righteous, just, honest, truthful, proper, correct; lawful; healthy; moral; straight; straightforward; perfect.
  7. sei-: regular.

Character Index Numbers:

New Nelson: 2955
Henshall: 41

Unicode Encoded Version:

Unicode Encoded Compound Examples:

(shougatsu): The New Year.
正解 (seikai): correct answer.
正正堂堂 (seisei-doudou): fair and square (extremely justifiable).

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Cor*rect" (k?r-r?kt"), a. [L. correctus, p. p. of corrigere to make straight, to correct; cor- + regere to lead straight: cf. F. correct. See Regular, Right, and cf. Escort.]

Set right, or made straight; hence, conformable to truth, rectitude, or propriety, or to a just standard; nnot faulty or imperfect; free from error; as, correct behavior; correct views.

Always use the most correct editions. Felton.

Syn. -- Accurate; right, exact; precise; regular; faultless. See Accurate.


© Webster 1913.

Cor*rect", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Corrected; p. pr. & vb. n. Correcting.]


To make right; to bring to the standard of truth, justice, or propriety; to rectify; as, to correct manners or principles.

This is a defect in the first make of same men's minds which can scarce ever be corrected afterwards. T. Burnet.


To remove or retrench the faults or errors of; to amend; to set right; as, to correct the proof (that is, to mark upon the margin the changes to be made, or to make in the type the changes so marked).


To bring back, or attempt to bring back, to propriety in morals; to reprove or punish for faults or deviations from moral rectitude; to chastise; to discipline; as, a child should be corrected for lying.

My accuser is my 'prentice; and when I did correct him for his fault the other day, he did vow upon his knees he would be even with me. Shak.


To counteract the qualities of one thing by those of another; -- said of whatever is wrong or injurious; as, to correct the acidity of the stomach by alkaline preparations.

Syn. -- To amend; rectify; emend; reform; improve; chastise; punish; discipline; chasten. See Amend.


© Webster 1913.

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