If you're still feeling like the only kid on the block who doesn't have an E2 afghan, here comes chance number four.

This year, I've rather arbitrarily but felicitously chosen a different kind of theme. Think back to Kermit (or Rana Rene, if he was your hero) sitting on his lily pad in his swamp singing about how being green wasn't easy. Yeah, it's NOT easy being green. And this afghan is going to reflect that.

Raffle tickets can be purchased for five dollars, all proceeds going to E2. Buy as many as you like. The more you buy, the better chance you have to own this luxurious afghan.

How can you contribute? Knit or crochet a square, or two, or many, that reflect your interpretation of the statement "it's not easy being green." You can listen to the song and articulate the lyrics in a pictorial. Green is, after all, the color of so many ordinary things. Or reflect on the word "green". "Being green" can mean that you're the environmentally aware type. "Being green" can mean that you're a Ralph Nader supporter. Surely THAT isn't easy. And there are several other things that may apply. Use your imagination. That's what this is about.

Once again, make the squares about seven inches on each side. Use a worsted weight yarn, or thereabouts, that can be washed, be it natural or synthetic. If you applique, anchor the design element firmly. If you intarsia, make your connections sturdy. With these guidelines in place, let your creativity soar.

Right, let's do this thing.


As of Today, September 14, 2006, the Wrap Up In Noder Love Afghan has not been won by anyone. We're sad to say, no one bought a raffle ticket.

We're sad, but you can be happy. Because no one has won, YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE! Raffle tickets are still five dollars, and can be purchased with a donation to the donation box. All tickets should be purchased by October 15, and the drawing will be on October 22.

Thanks for supporting E2, and do buy a raffle ticket. The afghan is lovely.


And the afghan has been won by DUTCHESS!

A total of 215USD has been raised by this project.