For Immediate Release - January 18, 2005

The Annual Wrap Up in Noder Love afghan drawing has occurred!

On January 17th, 2005, yclept and Altusmens concluded the final act of the There and Back Again: Eating Our Way from Bag End to the Grey Havens, A Hobbit's Tale gathering. There were 77 tickets purchased for a grand total of $385 raised in the donation box. The winner of the afghan is...


Many thanks to everyone who participated this time 'round; crafters, purchasers, and eager observers.

See the completed afghan here.

Noders! Lend me your Knitting!

Or your crochet! Or your naalbinding!

Use your imagination, 'cause we are doing it again!

In the grand tradition started by Segnbora-t, this is the THIRD ANNUAL

*Wrap Up In Noder Love: An E2 Craft Project and Fundraiser*

As in previous years, the goal is to make a collaborative afghan (as in blanket) and raffle it off to the E2 community, giving the donation box a shot in the proverbial arm. Anyone can participate!

Noders in general:
Yes, it's another crafty raffle. Like last year, it's $5 a ticket and you can buy as many tickets as you like. Make a donation and indicate that it's for the raffle. Raffle tickets will be on sale through January 8th, 2005 JANUARY 13th, 2005. Pics of the two previous afghans are here, while I'm showcasing the squares as I get them on my homenode.
I have taken the process over from Segnbora-t this year including collecting and assembling the squares together, so please msg me if you have any questions. The e2craft usergroup still exists for talking about the project. Please msg Segnbora-t if you'd like to be added to it.

The theme:
This year year's theme is a potluck of e2 iconography. It is two-pronged and designed to take advantage of the wide range of skills present in our craftastic noders.

First, there are the random e2 reference squares. I'm thinking of the C!s from last year, as well as @, $, [ ], (+/-) or any permutation thereof, squid, monkeys, robots, etc. Ambitious folk could even write out ''sumbit!'' Anything, and in any method of application (duplicate stitch, intarsia, applique, embroidery, etc.). You can make lots of the same, or one of each, or just a selection. If you'd rather not, feel free to leave squares blank. The aesthetic this year is, as always, to be eclectic.

Second, I need folks to sign up to make one or more squares with large-ish letters so that we can spell out ''everything2'' on the finished afghan. The letters themselves need to be at least 3 inches tall/wide, but can be in any style. This requires a sign-up as we only need one for each and I don't want to get 5 es and no y!

The dimensions and restrictions are the same as last year:

  • Make 7 inch squares
  • Make as few or as many as you like, in any colors or combinations
  • Please use washable yarns! (machine washable, cold, gentle cycle)
  • Also, I recommend avoiding extremely lightweight yarns, as it will be difficult to integrate something that is, say, lace weight into an afghan that is mostly worsted weight.

Please send me your squares by January 4th at the latest! I need to receive them by the 6th as my goal is to finish the afghan by January 8th and to hold the raffle at a certain party with noders I'm planning for the 15th. The timing is important, as I won't be able to assemble it after the 8th as I will be consumed in gathering preparations. Msg me for my address, or look for it buried on my homenode. Yes, it is actually there.

Letter Sign-up:
E - artistgirl
V - yclept
E - yclept
R - grundoon
Y - gwenllian
T - bewilderbeast
H - Segnbora-t
I - Swap
N - yclept
G - yclept
2 - Chattering Magpie

The few, the proud, the crafty: me, Swap, Segnbora-t, nocte, oakling, Nora, grundoon, Bitca, gwenllian, momomom, bewilderbeast, eien_meru, Chattering Magpie, shimmer, DejaMorgana, Dain, witchiepoo, anemotis, Kit, artistgirl....

My squares are scattered all over my LJ, but here's a direct link to the first square I did.go look!

This is my LJ entry the robot and a squid squares. There are links at the bottom to all the other entries with squares.