Last Month

I'm sorry for missing the last entry in this series. Life has been a bit hectic for me. This log is going to be very short for now, though I may expand it later if time permits and/or events warrant.

A year in the saddle

I've had the "Editor in Chief" role for about a year now and I have enjoyed it. E2's users make it pretty easy, most days. We've made some good changes, perhaps not as many or as dramatic as some would wish. I've always been a maintenance programmer/manager — I'm an incrementalist by nature. I'm not going to lead the revolution that brings about huge and dramatic change. Yet we will keep improving and trying new things in 2007.

Admin team changes

It's time for the semi-annual Content Editor (CE) rotation. Stepping down from the team are icicle, Servo5678, izubachi, sekicho, IWhoSawTheFace, Bitriot, smartalix, allseeingeye, and doyle, mostly due to real life commitments that have made them unable to stay active on the site. Thanks to all for their time and efforts, whether they be long-serving admins or relatively new recruits. Some may return to the role in the future. Also, grundoon moved to the e2gods team, and can now help with title changes and work with various other e2gods-only controls.

This leaves the CE team significantly under strength, so again I'm looking for new recruits. What I'd like to try this time is asking for your recommendations of other noders (not yourselves). What e2 user inspires you? Content Editors should, first and foremost, be good writers — people who you would be happy to have review and comment on your work, because they participate in the writing of the site and do it well. They also need to exhibit good judgment: tolerance and respect of others, openness to new ideas, a passion for the site. Do you know someone like this? Recommend them, by private msg, email, or write a daylog if you want to make the case in public. I'm curious to see if any names will pop up repeatedly, hopefully from different parts of the e2 community.

I'll review these and choose from among them. Not everyone will be selected, and I'm not going to engage in public debate about folks that don't get picked. Some folks may not want the job, either. CE is a job, not a perk, and needs volunteers who want to help other e2 users succeed and grow.

Site improvements?

Several kind folks, who wish to remain anonymous, have donated hardware for site improvement. Dr. nate has been configuring it all in his secret lair. I don't know if any has been deployed yet, nor do I know if our internet provider change happened. At last report, nate thought that he would not need to move the servers physically to accomplish it. Also some changes are being contemplated to the way the 'business' of e2 is handled. Again, I don't know the details. I'll see if I can get an update on all that for the January log.

A word about the placement of this log

Some folks have requested that I post my editor logs under the current month, rather than back in the month summarized. I'm going to switch to doing that, even though it means I may have to edit and update these logs on the fly as the month goes on.

Next Log

It's a quiet winter's night here in central Illinois ... let's see what's on the radio ...

(Theme: up and under for)

Announcer: And now, the Amalgamated Maple Syrup Growers of Canada bring you ... The Editor! Each week, a thrilling story of one man's never-ending struggle against the forces of poor grammar and sloppy writing, assisted only by his faithful secretary, Miss Wrightwell. Before we begin tonight's tale, let's have a word from Milford Cremwell at the Amalgamated Maple Syrup Growers of Canada.

Cremwell: Good evening. This is Milford Cremwell from the Amalgamated Maple Syrup Growers of Canada, reminding you that maple syrup is your partner in good health! Here's Mr. Geordie Fishbinder, long-time syrup farmer ...

Fishbinder: Hello folks. My family and I been farmin' maple syrup since 1823 ... we like it on ... hot cakes ... vegetables ... on 'most everything. Drink a tall glass every day 'n' be healthy just like us!

Cremwell: Thank you, Mr. Fishbinder, for that wonderful testimonial. Now, back to Word Carr and tonight's exciting adventure of ... The Editor!

(Music: up briefly and then out)

Announcer: Welcome back, everyone! In this week's play, The Editor is tired of work and thinking of a lively evening on the town ... but his secretary, Miss Wrightwell, has other plans ...

Editor: Miss Wrightwell, whaddya say we knock off the rest of the evening? I feel like a drink or two and dinner at that place over on 24th Street, followed by some lively dancing ... and I know a secretary that'd make a swell companion!

Miss Wrightwell: Knock it off yourself, buster. We've still got a bit of work to do before anybody goes tripping over their two feet!

Editor: But, Miss Wrightwell, the night is young and you're so ...

Miss Wrightwell: efficient! Now get back behind that desk, Chief, like a good boy, and let's get this work done. There'll be plenty of time later for that sort of thing.

Editor: Aw, alright then, Miss W., ready when you are, and pass me another glass of Amalgamated maple syrup, please.

Miss Wrightwell: Let's start with the removals. There's the little matter of Anarchy is like, bogus, man by one Squat n' trot ...

Editor: Oh yes, that one was badly formatted, with poor grammar and punctuation to boot. Any response to our offer of help?

Miss Wrightwell: Zilch. Next was, and I hesitate to mention this, pushup bra by chella323.

Editor: (chuckles) That one's hard to forget. An unformatted, ungrammatical rant.

Miss Wrightwell: You got it. Sent that one back to the FAQ, with a bit of advice to read around some more.

Editor: On the ball, as usual, Miss Wrightwell! Anything else?

Miss Wrightwell: Let's see ... I believe you removed Internal combustion engine valve actuation methods and VTEC by tieman55?

Editor: Yes, ma'am. Those were poorly disguised advertisements, and not what our client likes to see in good writing. And, I think, we removed Play boy by telni at the author's request?

Miss Wrightwell: That's right, Chief, and that's the end of removals.

Editor: Swell! Grab your coat, Miss W., it's off to ...

Miss Wrightwell: Hold it right there, buster, don't touch that doorknob! We had some salvage, remember?

Editor: (sighing) Yes, we mustn't forget those ...

Miss Wrightwell: Buck up, Chief, there were only a few, and they were all spelling fixes: Argentina by Nicopa, The Owl and the Pussycat by mimewars, and United States of America by Purvis. All by authors that apparently no longer have a relationship with our client.

Editor: Great! I hope, Miss Wrightwell, that we've struck yet another blow for good writing. Now can we get going? There's a rib-eye steak with my name on it ...

Miss Wrightwell: Yes, just as soon as you sign off on this node audit for originalzin. The author passed with flying colors!

Editor: Finished at last! Lock up the place, Miss Wrightwell, and let's get going. I want to see the moon reflected in those green eyes of yours ...

Miss Wrightwell: (suddenly dreamy) Oh, Chief, you do know how to flatter a working girl ...

(Music: up and under for)

Announcer: And so ends another thrilling tale of ... The Editor! Tune in again next week when The Editor, ably assisted by Miss Wrightwell, battles once again the forces of poor grammar and sloppy writing. The Editor is heard each week over this network, brought to you by the Amalgamated Maple Syrup Growers of Canada. When next you're at the grocer's, insist upon Amalgamated maple syrup – the brand you've trusted since 1823! The Editor starred wiccanpiper as The Editor, and BriarCub as Miss Wrightwell. Tune in next month for another adventure of ... The Editor! Word Carr speaking.

(Theme: up and fade out)

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