Hey, wow. That's a lot of double quotes. What could the original author of this now-non-nodeshell have meant?
  1. """"": Well, the first chunk of the message is obvious. Five (5) double quotes. Five being the most important number, its meaning is obvious to the casual observer and I need not take any more time on it.
  2. '"": The second chunk is a little more opaque. What could this single quote, then double-double quote mean? Perhaps the original creator was saying something about our destiny, that we start a lonely little quote and end up with a partner, and we grow to be more than a single quote by this joining. Again, we see the theme of fives, since there are five quotes total in this second grouping.
We can only theorize on the true meaning of such deep mysteries. I leave the rest of this node as an open forum to discuss this puzzle, this enigma, this riddle that is """""'""

2003.09.22 at 12:00 silencio says """""'"" is actually a mathematical palindrome in several ways. 1st of all, we should look at it as if it was binary code - 11111011. In Octagonals, this would be 373 - first palindrome. In decimals, it would be 251 - 2 double quotes, 1 single-quote, 5 double-quotes. And then, finally, it is FB in Hexadecimals. F - letter #6 of the alphabet and B - letter #2 of the alphabet - 6+2=8 - the number of quotes we have (double-quotes count as one, as they are one char). This is the solution. A self-containing mathematical palindrome. Add this to your writeup, if you like.

If you open your mind, you shall see that this is a zipper. The creator of the node, at least at the time of node-creation, was troubled. He or she had a manichean point of view, a polemic against humanity, and a crush on Brooke Shields circa 1980. I suspect that for this particular noder, the banal act of going to the grocer would be like being trapped in a bambocciata, a grotesque painting.

I feel compassion for this node-creator, flamingweasel. If you open the zipper, there is exposure. There is vulnerability. There is insouciance.

Well, flamingweasel, as you can see, this zipper is closed, as his heart is closed. He is locked down like an OpenBSD box.

Fools! The nodesheller, manifest, is obviously a master cryptographer! Just look at the message:


Now, look at it again:


Do you notice a certain binary-ness in it? Let's change the "s into -s and the ' into a . :


Now, add a little spacing by trial and error:

- --- -.--

Ah, now you see it! It's morse code! The previous line translates simply to:


Interpret this how you will.

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