1989 movie starring Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Melanie Griffith, Joan Cusack and Alec Baldwin. Directed by Mike Nichols, who received an Oscar nomination for best directing.

This is one of the few Melanie Griffith movies I really enjoy. Tess (Griffith), a secretary living in New York, is looking to move upwards in the corporate world. She’s having trouble in all facets of her life. Tess is a softy, but the day she gets fired from her job and discovers her boyfriend in bed with someone else, Tess strengthens her backbone and finds another job as a secretary for Katherine (Weaver), a spoiled businesswoman with an ego the size of Manhattan. Tess shows Katherine how on top of things she is, offers up smart ideas and recommendations, but Katherine gives her no help except to say “You make it happen. Only then do we get what we deserve.” Katherine then promptly breaks her leg in a skiing accident.

While Katherine is stuck in a hospital out of town for several weeks, Tess takes care of Katherine’s house and finds out she (Katherine) has been going behind her back with one of her own ideas. Tess begins to use Katherine’s office, passing herself off to others as a savvy businesswoman with a plan that would give her a healthy push upwards in the field. She begins working with Jack (Ford), a kind businessman, on the big idea and attempts to juggle it all before Katherin’s return. Her terribly amusing friend Cyndy (Cusak) tries to help her, while Tess begins to (of course) fall for Jack. Will it all work out? I won’t spoil the ending here. It's essentially a film about trying to get somewhere, but keeping your goodness intact while doing so. Hard to accomplish in the corporate world.

Interesting tidbits: Carly Simon did the music for the film, which includes her well-known song “Let the River Run.” This was also David Duchovny’s first film role- as an extra. You barely see his face for three seconds in a surprise party scene.

Memorable movie lines:

Tess: “I have a head for business, and a bod for sin. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Cyndy, after sifting through Katherine’s clothes and finding a classy dress, looking at the price tag:
“$5,000 DOLLARS?! It’s not even leather!”

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